Can You Eat Cheetos with Braces And Hot Cheetos

Many patients have a question can you eat Cheetos with braces, no it's harmful to your braces, and the dentist not allowed to eat any type of hard foods, it can be stuck between your teeth and brackets, many cases it's happening get damage the braces,

If you a lover of Cheetos and you want to eat Cheetos there is many soft categories of chips like Pringles, hardtacks, Doritos, Cheetos puffs and fries but need to eat and chew carefully if you are wearing braces, first few days don’t try to any type of hot Cheetos or a hard one,

After a few days later you can enjoy the soft type of chips and foods, and don’t forget brush and floss after eating the kind of foods and potato chips, need to maintain your daily oral hygiene to reduce the cavity, bacteria and other tooth decay issues.

    Can You Eat Cheetos with Braces

    Most of the younger asking while they visit the dentist can you eat Cheetos with braces the answer is no, there are few conditions you need to understand before eating any type Cheetos with braces, it can damage your brackets and wire,

    The dentist always advises keeping hard food away from your brace treatment period until off, hard, chewy, and liquid foods will hurt and discomfort your mouth, especially Cheetos hot or hard kind of chips and popcorn, and is creating bacteria and dry mouth,

    You might find many flavoured of Cheetos like flamin hot, spicy, cheddar puffs, if you eating without attention than you lose your brackets wire and it will make the wrong direction of moving your teeth before eating you should ask your dentist,

    Its can create sores in your mouth and throat, and if stuck any small pieces under the wires you need to do brush and floss your teeth button to line if it’s not removing don’t try to use any kind of swing kit to remove ask your dentist they will tell you how to take out.

    It is very hard to remove do flossing every corner to remove it, it will start pain and discomfort your teeth, so before consuming you need to minimize your habit of eating Cheetos.

    What Happen If You Eat You Hot Cheetos With Braces

    If you are eating with flaming hot Cheetos and hot fries hot Doritos those can crush your teeth if it's wedged between wires it will damage your braces, batter to avoid crunchy and hard foods, if you eat more, as usual, I will impact to your orthodontic appliances,

    Many patients confuse with what happens if you eat you hot Cheetos with braces, its defend on which colour braces you are wearing, if you wearing colour it will make a stain if you eat by mistake than floss and brush your teeth properly and rinse your mouth.

    How to Eat Cheetos with Braces

    Eating Cheetos dentist advise not to consume however if you are taking you can use the below method to avoid damaging your braces:

    ·        Steps: When you brought your Cheetos don’t try to eat by the whole piece keep on the plate and take a spoon and cut all bite-sized and chew slowly one by one to enjoy your moment also you can break by finger and consume

    ·        Steps: Don’t take any hard and hot kind of Cheetos 

    ·        Steps: After finish, eating need to floss and brush your teeth each corner properly to ensure nothing inside stuck

    ·        Steps: If any foods stuck under the wires and after flossing not remove don’t force to take out it will hurt your teeth and brackets need to inform your dentist for the guide.


    Best flavours type of Cheetos

    §  Munchies
    §  Flamin hot
    §  Baked Crunchy
    §  Cheetos Paws
    §  Puffs
    §  Baked white cheddar

    The Side Effect of Cheetos

    Everything has two sides like advantage and disadvantage so if you are a lover of Cheetos puffs or crunchy you need to understand it is effecting your healthy or no, especially while you wear brackets,

    Why Cheetos are harmful to you will cause gastritis, high fat also might be nausea, vomiting and contribute to a reduced amount of healthy lifestyle and diet can raise the risk of the heart causes besides it creating high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    Foods You Can’t Eat with Braces

    Suggested foods to avoid while wearing braces:
    1.      Don’t eat popcorn, Nuts, Corn chips, small seeds
    2.     Chicken, mutton, meat
    3.     Had taco shells
    4.     Raw carrot, pear, guards, apple,
    5.     Crackers and Hard cookies
    6.     Chewing gum
    7.      sticky candy and Hard chocolate
    8.     Ice 
    9.     Pretzels
    10. Mentos and taffy
    11.  Airheads
    12. Starburst
    13. Licorice, hard rolls, bagels
    14. All type of Citrus fruits
    15.  caramel candy
    16. sugar babies and Sugar daddies
    17.  Pizza rolls, Think crust pizza and pizza cheese
    18. chewable vitamins

    Can You Eat Hot Cheetos with Braces

    It’s a common inquiry is can you eat hot Cheetos with braces, no you can’t take hot or hard chips it will injury your appliances and teeth, dentist not allowed to consume while you wearing braces if you can’t stay without chips you need to eat carefully,

    Eating Cheetos and chips, cereal and popcorn Its risk of damaging your appliances beside it will make your orthodontic treatment longer if any damage or any other problems, many patients damage their braces and visiting again to the dentist,

    Also, its effect treatment period you are not taking care of your braces, so need to follow the caution and avoid the strong type of chips to achieve the best result from your orthodontic treatment and inspire around with a beautiful smile.

    Why Can’t You Eat Hot Cheetos With Braces

    It is always good to avoid when you are wearing braces, its break you bracket and prolong to your orthodontic treatment, you need to avoid only a few months depending on the length of your contact, after off your braces you can eat what you like,

    Still, you feel can’t stay eating than crush them and consume smaller quantities and chew slowly don’t make harry while eating with braces, most of the time younger people have doubt I can I eat hot Cheetos with braces you can but you will feel some irritation,

    If the chips jammed with wires than it's very hard to remove from inside even doing floss again and again, then it will start making irritation and paining and making treatment worst, so best is try to avoid it if possible or before deciding anything ask your dentist to get the proper solution.

    Also, people asking can you eat flamin hot Cheetos with braces it's not good for your orthodontic treatment, however, if you want to follow the braces treatment procedure and enjoy usual, might you confuse about can you eat Cheetos puffs and Cheetos fries,

    It is possible to eat but you need chewing carefully to ensure not trapped between teeth and braces, for more information, do not hesitate to ask your dentist to get the right answer base on your orthodontic treatment.

    Foods You Can Eat with Braces

    Suggested below foods, you can enjoy with your braces to continue your orthodontic treatment:

    §  Meat without bones
    §  Vegetable, steamed spinach, beans
    §  Mashed potatoes, pasta and few soft slices of bread
    §  Pancakes, Soft veggies, soft tortillas and cupcakes
    §  lemon rice, Moist desserts, soft-cooked rice, curd rice
    §  Onion rings
    §  Dairy products, yogurt, soft cheese
    §  Fruits, oranges, grapes, bananas, strawberries, juice
    §  Pasta dishes
    §  Steamed and roasted vegetable
    §  Eggs, peanut butter and jelly
    §  Ice cream without ice, cookies, and crackers
    §  Sandwiches, noodle, Burger 
    §  Seafood, salmon, tuna, crab cakes
    §  Salad, raw vegetable small size and boiled vegetable
    §  Soft rice but after need to brush carefully
    §  Thin Soup

    12 Drinks You Can Enjoy with Braces

    1.    Apple juice

    2.    Horchata

    3.    Hot Coffee

    4.    Nitro cold brew coffee

    5.    Orange juice

    6.    Boba tea

    7.    Mango lassi

    8.    Hot chocolate

    9.    Hot tea

    10. Lemonade

    11. Sweet tea

    12. Milk


    14 Drinks You Can’t Enjoy with Braces

    1.    Hot Coffee

    2.    Iced Coffee

    3.    Hot Tea

    4.    Iced Tea

    5.    Curry

    6.    Turmeric spiced food

    7.    Red pasta sauces

    8.    Spaghetti sauce

    9.    Pizza sauce

    10. Enchilada sauce

    11. Balsamic vinegar

    12. Soy sauce

    13. Pomegranates

    14. Blueberries



    A lot of people have a question can you eat Cheetos with braces my suggestion you not to consume with braces first few months, the dentist not allowed the first few days to consume any type of hard and sticky chewy foods, so before you consuming your meals you should ask your dentist for exact guide base on your treatment condition. Thanks

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