Dry Mouth with Invisalign, At Night, Side Effect

Dry Mouth with Invisalign

Many people have issues dry mouth with Invisalign it is not happening with everyone some of you have dry mouth problems if you are getting your Invisalign aligners trays no need to worry about it, nowadays there are many solutions to maintain it,

You will find on the market many types of sprays, mints, and lozenges to reduce dry mouth, also you can reduce the problem yourself at home or take dry mouth treatment products, while you re wearing new aligner trays its cause to discomfort and gum swelling and reducing saliva,

If the saliva is reduced from your mouth than your mouth starts increasing dryness, with this kind of situation you need to drink water a lot to keep production saliva in your mouth if it is irritating more while you wear Invisalign aligners than you need to speak with your dentist.

    Dry Mouth with Invisalign

    Dry mouth with Invisalign it’s not happening with everybody, who are getting problems of dryness issue while using Invisalign aligners trays you need to avoid some food to maintain your saliva such a drink coffee, tea, alcohol, and sticky foods like jelly beans, starburst, caramel, etc.

    to relieve from dry mouth Invisalign you need to drink more water and chew gum which is sugar-free like xylitol to flow of saliva also you can use the moisturizing spray when you feel your mouth is dry like Biotene mouth dry spray which will saliva substitutes, and use a mouthwash design for the thirsty,

    few things you need to reduce while you wearing Invisalign such a smoke, tobacco, caffeine, mouthwash which is content alcohol, spicy and acidic food, if you keep minimized above the thing you will not get dry problems in your mouth,

    dry mouth problems certain health situations, such a stroke, yeast infection, diabetes in your mouth due to autoimmune diseases there are many conditions for contribute to thirsty mouth not only Invisalign aligner trays, sometimes salivary gland not sufficient to control your dry mouth,

    you may ask why is my mouth dry even though I drink a lot of water, if it is happing with your mouth you need to use spray or speak with your dentist, but before you talk with the dentist make sure you are doing proper oral hygiene,

    you need to brush and floss your teeth every morning and evening, wash your mouth and don’t forget to clean your aligner trays after your meals and wear your aligners trays 20 to 22 hours every day if you keep oral hygiene maintain it will help to reduce drying your mouth,

    new Invisalign aligners trays are very tight it will create few irritating and tooth decay with lack of salvia inside the mouth, your lips and mouth might become cracked also, it can create sores corner of your mouth, most of the medications can cause dryness of your mouth.

     Why Is my mouth so dry with Invisalign

    Many of patient complain about dry mouth with Invisalign while they are wearing Invisalign aligners trays they feel dryness in their tongue and throat, orthodontic Invisalign treatment or metal braces initially case few discomforts because your body reacts to decrease saliva creation,

    There is some patient especially who are speaking with the public like speeches, lecture, or business conference, if you are a teacher or singer you can reduce this matter by using Biotene moisturizing mouth sprays, you can find many other sprays as well for your mouth,

    If dry mouth is getting unbearable just try to use sugar-free mint or candy will help you increase saliva, also you need to drink water as much you can and don’t forget brushing and flossing your teeth and always wash your mouth.

     What You Can do Dry Mouth with Invisalign

    Invisalign and dry mouth is depending on you what causing to you, check with your dentist or the physician might she or he tries to determine what is exactly happing with you, sometimes it caused by medicine might your dentist change your medicine or dosage,

    If salivary glands are not working properly inform your dentist or physician, they might give you treatment or medicine that will help to increase saliva, your physician might suggest you to use artificial saliva to maintain dryness and keep the mouth wet,

    You can do something yourself prevent such kind issues just do your self everyday drink sip water or sugarless, avoid drink sodas, caffeine, tea, coffee, and try to chew always sugar-free gum or suck on candy to excite saliva flow, and don’t use alcohol or tobacco.

    How to Prevent Dry Mouth with Invisalign

    Do Self-treatment and prevent risk:
    • Always drink more water
    • Try to avoid medications
    • Take Sugar-free, salty, spicy foods and candy
    • Chew gum sugarless
    • Maintain oral hygiene routine
    • Use fluoride toothpaste
    • Use alcohol-free mouthwash
    • Reduce breathing from your mouth 
    • Use a humidifier at night.
    • Sip water regularly

    Invisalign Causing Dry Mouth

    Invisalign is not causing for dry mouth any patient, some people have issues who are working with the public they need to talk more for business or school, collage giving a lecture for the student, also it can make a problem for the singer but no need to worry about dry mouth

    There are many ways to solve dry mouth problems you will find many types of spray to make your mouth comfortable and less irritation also you can do Invisalign dry mouth remedies to overcome form dryness,

    Many people asking I have a very dry mouth, are there any products that are safe to use with Invisalign, you can use if your dentist allowing, sometimes your dentist will provide you base on your treatment process, or you can ask for a batter explanation.

    Drink always water and keep close your mouth if anyone has to breathe trouble through your nose than only you need to open your mouth when you continuously keeping open your mouth the saliva dries very quick, and don’t drink salty and more sodium drinks or junk foods.

    Side Effects of Invisalign Aligners

    Dry mouth is a mutual side effect of Invisalign, many nonprescription and prescription drug, medicine treat depression, pain, anxiety, allergies and colds, dryness is discomfort with Invisalign, the most patient used aligners trays without any major issues,

    A most common Invisalign side effect dry mouth such a speech, bad breath, mouth dryness, biting, allergies, irritating and little change your bite, normally Invisalign not making any major side effect issues, those problems can fix your dentist while you are under Invisalign treatment,

    Many of patient experience dryness and bad breath, while they are wearing Invisalign aligners trays and cause root damage many people suffer from nerve during their treatment period, while you are getting your Invisalign treatment dentist, will check-up for other oral problems,

    If the dentist finds any other problems, they will suggest you before Invisalign treatment you need to do treatment current issues after you can use Invisalign otherwise your side effect will increase after starting your treatment.

    The American Dental Association discover the common side effect from medications its also increases the risk of tooth decay, try to rinse your mouth after using the inhaler it can protect from infection, keep your oral hygiene routine properly to prevent such kind problems,

    Most Common Side Effect of Invisalign

    1. Your lips will feel tight around the jaw and teeth
    2. Weight loss
    3. Nausea
    4. Teeth and tooth feeling sensitive
    5. New aligners trays cutting mouth
    6. Pinch
    7. Dry fleeing and Sticky

    Invisalign Dry Mouth at Night

    Keep water near to you at night to drink when you wake up or if you feel dry mouth at night, try to avoid using mouthwash which is contains alcohol, if possible, use a humidifier at night to keep your room moisture air,

    At night it can happen especially who are over the age of 60, because they getting older their saliva production ramps getting down around 40 percent if you get same problems at night its might nasal obstruction tries to force breathe from your mouth only,

    If every night getting thirsty it means your saliva producing is not enough and that will lead bacteria and gums problems as well as tooth decay, many types of medications are available which can contribute to dryness, its causes side effect of dry mouth,

    Don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth after your every meal, wear your aligners trays 20 to 22 hours every day, and rinse with lukewarm water to clean your aligners trays, if follow your daily oral hygiene routine It will help you to stay safe and get the batter a result from your Invisalign treatment.

    How do keep my mouth fresh with Invisalign

    • Always brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash
    • Floss your teeth every day more than one is batter
    • During Invisalign treatment visit your dentist on a regular basis
    • Need to visit your dentist every six months for cleaning or checkup
    • Clean your aligners trays before reinsert into your mouth


    Lots of people have a question dry mouth with Invisalign, mentioned above information hope you can get proper guide, however before you take any decision for your dry mouth treatment, you must ask your dentist to get a proper guide base on your Invisalign treatment. Thanks

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