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About the experience of using invisalign

About the experience of using invisalign

I am a non-professional dentist. The content in the article is mainly personal experience and experience sharing, which can be used as a third-party information source for reference. To correct teeth requires the full cooperation of the dentist and a reasonable plan. I cannot give professional advice to individuals.

From the beginning of 2020, I began to consider correcting teeth, and did some research and comparison, and finally decided to adopt the invisible braces, and chose the brand of Invisme. I have been using it for about four or five months. What I share with you below are my survey results and some personal experiences.

What conditions need orthodontics?

The needs of orthodontics are roughly as follows:
  • Crowded teeth
  • Malocclusion, unable to bite
  • Tooth spacing is too large
  • Irregular appearance
  • Teeth grinding and the resulting headache
  • Jaw surgery during tooth replacement (6-10 years old)

  • Generally speaking, if there is a serious problem with the teeth or bite, orthodontics is considered a necessary treatment. Many people simply want to be more beautiful. In addition to the appearance benefits of orthodontics, there are many additional advantages such as gum health. After orthodontics, the teeth are easy to clean and not prone to caries . I personally choose to wear invisible braces to alleviate the problem of molars. During the correction process, the periodontal muscles will be adjusted. On the one hand, it is possible to completely solve the molars. If it is not completely solved, the pressure distribution of the teeth after orthodontics will become even. Improve headaches after teeth grinding.

    Now the main orthodontic method is to use braces, and the other is invisible braces. Braces are a more traditional method. Although invisible braces are relatively new, they have been used in Europe and the United States for many years. Invisalign is the leading brand, so every time you mention invisible braces, you will think of Invisalign, but in the market There are some other brands that are relatively less well-known and cheaper.

    In North America, under normal circumstances, children will receive orthodontics at a certain age, which can solve many oral problems once and for all. Regarding the age of orthodontics, what I understand is that there is no age limit for orthodontics, as long as the health condition permits it. There is no shortage of middle-aged people here to correct their teeth. Of course, most of them are not for aesthetics, but to solve some conditions such as periodontal disease.

    Unlike other bones on the human body, the system of human upper and lower jaws and teeth is like a very hard plasticine that can slowly deform with external forces to achieve the effect of plastic surgery. One difference is that for orthodontics after puberty, you may need to wear a retainer for a long time , which means you need to wear something similar to braces at night.

    Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of invisible braces compared to braces


    Advantages: low cost, low compliance requirements

    Disadvantages: easy to cause dental caries, frequent visits to the clinic (every two weeks)

    Invisible braces:

    Advantages: less damage to teeth, easy to use, low frequency of clinic visits (every six weeks)

    Disadvantages: high cost, high compliance requirements, need to control diet

    The traditional method of braces is still recommended by many dentists. On the one hand, it is easy to control and adjust. Another important factor is that the braces have low requirements for wearing compliance, so it is easier to achieve the desired effect. . Compared with Invisime, its cost is also lower. Compared with traditional methods, invisible braces have advantages and disadvantages. Let me talk about a few advantages:

    First of all, its correction method has little effect on teeth . During my consultation with a dentist, my family dentist recommended Insime to me. During his usual visits, he found that many patients who wear braces have many dental problems caused by braces, mainly Braces can make it difficult to clean the teeth thoroughly, and they often get stuck in food and cause tooth decay. It can also cause some gum stone problems. This problem is not likely to occur when using Invisme.

    In addition, Yinshimei is a better choice for patients with molars. I usually have very serious teeth grinding at night, and I have to wear custom-made braces to sleep. If it is braces, the teeth will be exposed, which will accelerate the wear. Invisibility is worn all day and can provide a layer of protection, even if it is a relatively thin braces.

    Finally, invisible braces only need to go to the dentist about once every six weeks, while braces need to be adjusted every two weeks. In contrast, the former is more convenient. In terms of appearance, Hidden Beauty may not seem obvious, and it can be temporarily removed if necessary on key occasions.

    For the shortcomings, Yinshimei has a relatively high compliance with wearing. You can't wear it as you want, or take it off. If you don't wear it for a long time, the effect will not be achieved, but it will be harmful to the teeth. In addition, there are many brands of invisible braces. Invisme is a doctor with long-term cooperation. If there is a bite problem during adjustment, it can be corrected in time. However, some small brands do not have a professional doctor, and once a problem occurs, it is difficult to solve. I have seen some people wearing invisible braces of a small brand. When the treatment is halfway through, the bite has problems, causing the upper and lower teeth to fight. If you use braces, there will be no similar problems, and the dentist will make adjustments in time.

    In theory, invisible braces can provide the same orthodontic effect as traditional braces. From the perspective of the treatment process, Yinshimei will give a preview of the final effect from the beginning of the treatment. I don’t think there is any fundamental difference between the two in the final effect. Because the final standard of the two is the same, there is no saying that the effect of braces is "more neat" or "more beautiful".

    When I was consulting in an orthodontic clinic, the doctor recommended to me traditional braces and told me that I could get more benefits from braces. I asked him, what are the benefits? And what should I do with my molars? He couldn't answer either.

    I personally guess that many treatments recommended by dentists are sometimes of interest. The cost of braces is very low. Even if compared with invisible braces, the absolute price is more than half the price. The profit margin of dentists may be much higher than that of invisible braces. For programs like Insime, in fact, there are very few dentists involved. Basically, after the plan is set, you only need to change the braces on time. Dentists are more like after-sales services. Most of the profits should be distributed by the Insimetics brand. Up. This also causes many dentists not to recommend Invisme.

    Treatment process and feelings

    First of all, before doing orthodontics, make sure that the teeth and oral environment are normal and there are no serious problems. Generally speaking, it is necessary to clean up thoroughly first, and do one or two teeth cleaning. I wash my teeth here basically every six months, so there are no pre-problems. If it is in USA, I recommend a complete examination and teeth cleaning first, and then an orthodontic consultation.

    I found local cooperative clinics. Their cooperative doctors are also given a gold and silver level, which is actually equivalent to the number of cases received. The higher the level, the higher the ranking on the site. The first time in the clinic is to do a complete consultation, take an X-ray of the entire skull, and then scan the entire tooth to build a three-dimensional model.

    After about a month or two, they will complete a solution based on the model. At this time, when I go to the clinic for the second time, the doctor will demonstrate the effect of each stage and the

    There is a difference between Invisible Braces and some small brands of braces. Before wearing for the first time, the dentist will stick some small patches (Attachments) on the teeth with resin material. This is said to make the braces better fixed. And exert force. I haven't seen this thing on other brands I surveyed. The patch is very small, probably a little bigger than sesame, and is basically transparent, and it will not be obvious if you don't look closely.

    Braces should be worn all day, except when they are taken off during meals, they should be worn the rest of the time. This is a problem for many foodies. Because every time you eat, you have to clean your teeth. If you eat three meals a day, it’s okay. Basically give up the snacks, otherwise you will just brush your teeth every day. You can't drink some milk tea or coffee. It's best to drink only water, otherwise some residues will get stuck on the braces.

    In theory, it is best to wear for more than 22 hours a day . The braces are changed every two weeks. When I change the braces, I feel the teeth tighten, not painful but a little sour. At the beginning, I won’t get used to it, but I’ll get used to it for a week. It has no effect on speech, and can be ignored after getting used to it.

    Other matters, prices, suggestions

    There are many benefits of orthodontics, and the sooner the better, if it is seen as an investment, it will really benefit for a lifetime. But this is also a big commitment. Before making a decision, you still have to figure out whether you are ready from various levels.

    Many people give up wearing invisible braces halfway through . In addition to not being able to eat and eat freely, it is really troublesome, because you have to wear toothpaste, toothbrush and floss everywhere, even if you are at a loss during dinner, you still have to remember to brush your teeth and wear braces before going to bed. , Is a burden for many people. And this state may last as long as two years. Whether it is worth it or not depends on personal thoughts.

    Finally, let me talk about the price. In Canada, according to my personal situation, I learned that it is 5000-6500 Canadian dollars, which is about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. My own plan is 5500, with a down payment of 1500, and then instalments. The length of time varies according to individual circumstances, from the shortest half a year to the longest two years. I heard about 50,000 cases in China, but I don’t know why. If conditions permit, it can be done abroad.

    The last suggestion is to find a reliable doctor and do an assessment to see which option is right for you. If possible, find another professional to ask for a second suggestion, or find a third party with unrelated interests to find out. You need to ask more about the information given by the doctor and do more research to ask valuable questions. If you have healthy teeth and are not too busy at ordinary times, you don't mind going to the clinic every two weeks. You can choose the cost-effective solution of braces. The price is much lower and it will not affect your usual eating. As for the look and feel, I think it is not the most important.

    Finally, I hope everyone has healthy teeth.


    All information and articles available on this site are for educational purposes only. The information given here should not be used without any expert advice for the diagnosis or treatment of any health related problem or disease. Always seek the advice of a qualified doctor for medical examination and treatment.

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