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Dental floss or dental tape: which is the most suitable for each use?

Dental floss or dental tape: which is the most suitable for each use?

To keep oral health up to date, it is necessary to perform an oral cleaning after meals. At that time, the role of dental tools, such as tape and dental floss, came into play.

Both are able to remove plaque and food debris in the dentition, contributing to a healthy life and a harmonious smile in adults and children.

In this post, you will understand in what aspects the two materials differ and find out for which situations each method is indicated.

Finally, we will teach you how to use dental floss and tape properly, always after meals, to prevent the accumulation of microorganisms in the mouth.

You were curious about the theme, right? So, start reading right now and get your questions answered!

In what ways do dental floss and tape differ?

Dental wire and tape are objects that help to clean the mouth, routinely, after meals. However, what aspects and characteristics differentiate the two materials? In fact, the distinction between dental floss and tape is related to the size and shape of each dental tool, that is, it is not a purely aesthetic difference of the products.

The dental floss is usually narrower, being composed of several filaments. The dental tape, on the other hand, is wide and flat, being formed only by a filament.

For which situations is each material indicated?

So far, you have understood what they are and how dental tools work. However, the question that remains is for which situations, these materials are indicated. Answering the question, just go back to the characteristics of the products.

The dental floss, being formed by several filaments, helps to clean teeth together or crowded (orthodontic problem).

On the other hand, the single filament of the dental tape helps to clean food debris between the most separated teeth, even in cases of diastema, with a large space in the patient's dentition.

In any case, it is important to choose a professional dentist to identify the best option of dental hygiene material, according to the needs of your dentition.

How to correctly thread the dental wire or tape?

With the dentist's indication for the specific dental wire or tape for your dentition, you need to learn how to use these materials properly.

In this sense, the process should be started by removing about 40 cm of the filament, wrapping it around the index fingers, and leaving the largest amount in the right hand.

Then, you should place a part of the wire or tape between your teeth, making a move up to the gum line, from top to bottom, and from left to right.

Finally, it is important to pull a new piece of material to each tooth to be cleaned, taking the used filament to the left hand.

In this post, you understood what the characteristics are and how dental floss and dental floss differ.

To find out what is the most suitable material for your dentition (whether the teeth are more separated, whether the teeth are more crowded or crowded), consult a trusted dentist, as the professional can identify orthodontic problems and indicate a suitable tool to help with cleaning oral.


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