What is orthodontic wax? Benefits, How to use - IS

What is orthodontic wax? Benefits, How to use

What is orthodontic wax? Benefits, How to use

When correcting the dentition with a bracket system, its installation and periodic preventive examinations are not limited. Almost all patients are advised to use orthodontic wax for braces - it is not difficult to buy this substance at a pharmacy, it is sold almost everywhere.

In the article, we will consider what it is, what it is for, and how to use it.

What is orthodontic wax?

Medical brace wax is a substance similar to colorless plasticine. Manufacturers produce such a product in tubes in small plates, balls, or tubes, packed in sealed containers. Typically, the kit contains up to five strips or balls, each weighing about 5-7 g. They are ready to use.

The base of orthodontic braces wax, available over-the-counter, is medical-grade silicone. Such a substance is safe for health, gives the substance elasticity, elasticity, makes it sticky. The composition includes beeswax and other beekeeping products - these are the main components.

Upon contact with saliva, the wax gradually dissolves and enters the stomach. This does not cause adverse reactions, therefore, all patients can use the substance, except those who are allergic to be products.

Benefits of medical wax?

  • Protects the mucous membrane injury;
  • The composition is non-toxic and safe for health;
  • You can choose a flavored substance;
  • You can apply wax at home, without visiting a doctor;
  • Not addictive;
  • Shortens the period of adaptation to braces.

Varieties of orthodontic wax?

Manufacturers release the substance without additives or flavors. Wax with additional components refreshes the oral cavity, helps children and adolescents get used to the braces.

By appointment, such substances are:

  • Antiseptic - inhibit pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity;
  • Wound healing - contribute to the rapid healing of scratches and ulcers;
  • Anti-inflammatory - prevent inflammation of the injured areas of the mucous membrane.

The wax for braces does not affect the acid-base balance, does not leave marks on the teeth. A poor-quality mass can roll, stick poorly.

Indications for use?

In the initial period of treatment, after the installation of braces, the use of wax is indicated for all patients. It is applied to the structure over the entire surface. The minimum period of use of wax over the entire area of the braces is three weeks.

As the patient gets used to this design, the wax mass is applied only to the locks, elements that rub and injure the cheeks and tongue. The substance can be used during the entire period of treatment.

How to use orthodontic wax?

You can apply the mass without the help of an orthodontist. The application algorithm is simple.

  • Wash your hands before installing. The teeth and braces were cleaned with a toothpaste brush.
  • The oral cavity is examined to determine the injured areas and elements of the system that damage the mucous membrane. They are dried with a cotton swab or cotton swab. Wax does not stick to damp surfaces.
  • A small piece of the mass is separated from the plate or strip, and a ball is formed from it.
  • The resulting ball is applied to the lock or other part of the leveling system, lightly pressed to adhere. It is necessary to ensure that the entire metal surface is covered with a waxy mass.

Before eating, the wax is removed with a brush or by hand, after eating, it is reinstalled. The mass dissolves on average in 4-5 hours.

It is better. If the first time the wax is applied by a doctor. So you will be sure that everything is done correctly, the mass will not come off prematurely. If you have questions about the use of wax, you want to apply to braces, please contact our clinic.

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