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Invisalign and Braces Payment Plan Calculator

Invisalign payment plans are typically designed to help make the cost of Invisalign treatment more manageable by breaking the cost down into smaller, more manageable payments.

There are a few different options for payment plans, including financing through a third party lender or a dental office, or using a credit card with a low interest rate.

To calculate your Invisalign payment plan, you will need to know the total cost of your treatment, the length of the payment plan, and the interest rate (if applicable).

Here is a simple example of how you can calculate your Invisalign payment plan:

  1. Determine the total cost of your Invisalign treatment: $7,500
  2. Determine the length of your payment plan: 24 months
  3. Determine the interest rate of your payment plan: 0%

To calculate your monthly payment, you can use the following formula:

Monthly Payment = (Total Cost + Interest) / Length of Payment Plan

In this example, your monthly payment would be:

(7500 + 0) / 24 = $312.50/month

Keep in mind that this is just a simple example, and your actual payment plan may vary based on your individual circumstances and the specific payment plan that you choose.

Invisalign & Braces Payment Calculator

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Initial Payment: $ 0 Adjust the slider to a choose a downpayment to reduce your monthly payments

Estimated Insurance Benefits: $ 0 Adjust the slider to include estimated insurance benefits and reduce your monthly payments

Term Length: 42 /months Adjust the slider to a term you are comfortable paying.
Interest free monthly payment option $ 109.72 /month
Pay in full option $ 5700.00 (Savings of $ 350.00)

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