Can You Chew Gum With Braces

Can You Chew Gum With Braces

Most young people have a question can you chew gum with braces the answer is no, you can’t chew with braces and dentist not allowing to chew any type of chewing gum, it's easily stuck inside the bracket and wires and it's harmful to your appliances,

If you are a lover of chewing gum and wearing braces you need to avoid if you can’t stay without chewing gum, there are many alternative ways  to chew, besides you will find many types of sugar-free gum that you can enjoy it’s good to reduce bacteria,

Many stickiness gums will be stuck between braces and teeth and its very hard to remove also it might damage or bend your braces if the wires bend than your teeth will not move the correct position, bend wire might push to the wrong direction to move your teeth.

    Can You Chew Gum with Braces

    A lot patient has a confuse can you chew gum with braces, chewing gum it's harmful for your orthodontic treatment, if you are wearing braces than gum should be kept away, it very risky for your appliances, beside chew gum have also great benefits,

    Chewing gums have a couple of things like its making vibration pressure on load and unload the wires of the braces to lose and helping to push your teeth to move faster into the correct position, also sugar- free gum increasing saliva flow into your mouth which helps to reduce dry mouth and other tooth issues,

    But there are few rules you need to maintain while chewing gum and its defend what type of brace you are wearing if you using an elastic, rubber band, clear braces, ceramic, Damon or metal appliances you need to ask your dentist to get a proper guide base on your treatment,

    The American dental associations recently declare if you miss your brush your teeth after your snakes or meals chewing gum might help to reduce tooth decay problems besides it can make batter eating practice, and before you chewing a gum you need to choose sugar-free type.

    What Happens If You Chew Sugar Gum with Braces

    It’s a common question what happens if you chew sugar gum with braces, the gum will be stuck between brackets and wires and it will make discomfort and might bend the appliances, sometimes it's stuck under the wire it’s very hard to take out,

    If the chewing gum stuck inside do brush and floss bottom to the line if you give more pressure to remove the bracket wire will damage, after brushing if not going then you can show your dentist while you visit, don’t try to remove again and again if not remove it can create pain your teeth,

    So, before you chewing any type of latex you need to know which one is good for your orthodontic treatment, there many kinds of gum on the grocery like bubble gum, sugar-free gum, spearmint, 5 gum peppermint cobalt, and ice breakers, etc.

    Why Can't You Chew Sugar Gum with Braces

    Everything has advantages and disadvantages chew gum have few side effects which is every orthodontic patient need to know, chew gum is connected to the headaches and it can cause such a jaw pain and diarrhea also might can digestive symptoms,

    The second thing is its force to damage your braces if you do not care while chewing gum, also it's stuck easily under the wires, there some other foods and beverages that need to avoid while you are wearing appliances, like the whole apple, pizza. alcohol, soda, burger, coffee, popcorn, cereal, and goldfish,

    And another thing is if by mistake stuck inside the appliances do the floss and brush in case it’s not coming out, and you need to inform your dentist or visit to remove the gum don’t try at home if it’s no coming out otherwise you will damage the brackets.

     The Benefit of Chewing Gum

    1.      Helping to push your teeth to move faster into the correct position
    2.     Its keep teeth healthily
    3.     Fight drowsiness
    4.     Help to improve memory
    5.      Reduce heartburn
    6.     Eliminate nausea
    7.      Lessen depression
    8.     Chewing can burn calories
    9.     Sugarless gum will help to remove coffee and red wine stain
    10. Help to banish bad breath
    11.   Prevent from tooth decay
    12.  Increase natural saliva flow
    13.  Freshening your breath

    Is It Okay to Chew Gum with Braces

    Most of the patient saying is it okay to chew gum with braces, dentist response is fine to consume but needs to maintain your daily dental hygiene even if you eat any type of sweetening foods, and you need to brush after your snakes break, as well, every morning and evening,

     If you like to consume then just try to sugarless one, it's good for your oral health, also dentist recommending to chewing gum with braces, after consuming if you feel any irritation you need to reduce consumption to avoid creating any teeth problems,

    Many causes braces take off because of the chewing gum with braces if you exceed the limits of consuming, also some cases teeth move different locations because of carelessness, so don’t try without your dentist suggested.

    What Gum Can You Chew with Braces

    Many individuals always asking what gum can you chew with braces, you can enjoy all kind of chewing gum with braces, but there is some gum it damaging your teeth and orthodontic appliances, the best to chewing gum with braces is sugarless gum,

    Sweeten types of gum you need to avoid its lead to cavities and bacteria your mouth and stuck between teeth and brackets, only chew gum can create trouble for your the whole treatment process, so before you select any type of sticky gum you should ask your dentist,

    Also, you need to maintain sticky and hard foods as well as drinks such a thin crust pizza and alcohol, red wine and popcorn, also the burgers etc. while you getting your braces dentist will tell you what you eat and what you have to avoid chewing.

    The Best type of Chew Gum

    That kind chew gum is safe to bite with braces but before consuming you must inform to your dentist to ensure its fine base on your treatment condition
    ·        Yum Bubble
    ·        Bazooka Bubble
    ·        Juicy Fruit
    ·        Juicy Fruit
    ·        5 Peppermint Cobalt                      
    ·        Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Peppermint
    ·        Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill
    ·        Mentos Pure Fresh Mint   
    ·        Extra Spearmint
    ·        Eclipse Polar Ice
    ·        Project 7 First Kiss
    ·        Trident Original
    ·        Tic Tac Fresh Mint
    ·        Xylitol

    What Is The Best Chewing Gum For Teeth And Braces

    The market palace you will get many kinds of gum, but best chewing gum for teeth and orthodontic treatment is sugar-free gum, its less sticky than other gum and besides it prevents from acid attack, increase the saliva flow and support to get minerals faster,

    The best chewing gum for teeth is sugarless gum, dentist allowing to consume if you want, but you need to maintain your oral hygiene routine otherwise it can create other dental issues, also you can ask our dentist to recommend for a sugarless one,

    Many time patients asking does chewing gum help braces pain, yes, its help to reduce but it depends on the situation, also you can try painkiller, cold water, suck on ice cubes and cold compresses, etc. but before you take any medication take permission from your dentist.

    How to Chew Gum with Braces

    Many people getting issues because they don’t know how to chew gum with braces, it’s a common mistake and its very easy to correct yourself you can overcome dental problems, the first thing is needing to take sugar-free and second don’t make a bubble with braces,

    And the third point is chewing slowly and don’t consume every hour, four points are after chewing you need to brush and floss correctly to ensure nothing left under the wires, number five is before buying any brands of gum speak with your dentist,

    For more deep information you need to ask your orthodontic how I can chew gum with braces they will teach you how you can eat all kind hard and sticky foods, if you follow your dentist instruction you are safe to enjoy your favourite gums,

    Can You Chew Sugar Free Gum with Braces

    The most important thing is can you chew sugar-free gum with braces, the answer is yes it's very good for your mouth and braces, sugar-free gum helping us to prevent cavities and artificial sweetener factor is reduce of the bacteria and tooth decay problems,

    Sugar-free chewing gum with braces also its increase the prediction of the saliva naturally which help you to destroy bacteria, besides its remove bad breath and maintain as an oral hygiene routine when you busy or forget to brush your teeth or chew gum for 20 minutes to stop tooth decay,

    Might you ask does sugar-free gum stick to braces, yes its sticky like other one but the benefit is its made without sugar if you afraid for stick than you need to find non-sticky gums, but before you chewing gum with braces you should confirm with your dentist to ensure its fine base on your treatment?

    Best Sugar Free Gum to Chewing with Braces

    Here is some sugar-free gum which is good for orthodontic treatment to avoid tooth and teeth problems and for more information, you can talk with your dentist to get proper guidance,
    1.      Trident Bubble
    2.     ORBIT Bubble mint
    3.     Juicy Fruit Fruity Original
    4.     EXTRA Spearmint
    5.      Dentyne Fire Spicy Cinnamon
    6.     Trident Island Berry Lime and Trident Cinnamon
    7.      Ice Breakers Ice Cubes
    8.     Mentos Pure Fresh
    9.     5 Peppermint Cobalt
    10. Dentyne Pure Mint with Herbal Accents

    Can You Chew Extra Gum with Braces

    Why not, you can chew extra gum with braces there are no issues but need to choose sugarless type, however before you consuming you have informed your dentist about extra gum or if you taking bubble, the dentist always suggests their patient not to chew with braces,

    Extra mint is sugarless so you can enjoy with your appliances but don’t take over, if you consume more it can create headache and pain your mouth more overbite can be paining your jaw, so the batter is to consume limited so keep smooth your treatment.

    After consuming you need to floss and brush every corner slowly to avoid hurting the teeth, extra gum has also sugary types you need to buy sweet less one.

    Can You Chew Bubble Gum with Braces

    Many children asking while receiving their appliance can you chew bubble gum with braces, normally it not allowed to chew because bubble gum have sugar content, and dentist not allowing to consume any types of sugary drinks and sugary gum,

    If you are a lover of bubble gum than you need to reduce consuming while wearing orthodontic appliances, however, if you can’t avoid it then you need to speak with  your dentist, normally sugar content gum stuck inside the bracket and wires,

    And bubble gum is one of the most famous for most children, for the children need to careful bubble, it can damage their braces because if the gum wrapped with teeth they will feel discomfort and when going to remove it will break the wires.

    If you have braces can you chew gum but not like before, while wearing braces you need to understand what is good for your orthodontic treatment, and what is bad for your treatment then you can decide.


    A lot of people have a question can you chew gum with braces my suggestion you not to chew with braces, if not possible to avoid than consume only sugar-free gum, and before you consuming your favorite chew gum you should ask your dentist for exact guide base on your treatment condition. Thanks

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