Can You Eat Tortilla Chips with Braces

Can You Eat Tortilla Chips with Braces

Nowadays a very common question is can you eat tortilla chips with braces, the answer is you can’t eat hard chips with braces, dentist not allowing to eat a hard type of chips and sticky foods, it might damage your brackets and wires, 

If you are a lover of tortilla chips and wearing braces than you need to avoid eating if you can’t  control your habit of eating chips then you need to maintain some rules of orthodontics treatment before you consume you need to know how you can consume,

The dentist always suggests not to eat any kind of sticky, crunchy snakes and hard chips it's lead cavities and bacteria which will create tooth decay issues.

    Can You Eat Tortilla Chips with Braces

    Many people asking can you eat tortilla chips with braces, tortilla chips are harmful to your orthodontic treatment, it's stuck inside the brackets and wires and very hard to remove, after consuming need to brush and floss bottom to the line to ensure nothing left,

    If some pieces stuck under the do properly floss and brush and also try proxy tip if not come out don’t try to hurt or remove you need to visit your dentist to make sure it is not damaging your braces, many cases people try hard to remove than bend the wires

    If the wires bend it will push your teeth to move the wrong direction, or you will feel discomfort from wires, so batter to eat the soft type of tortilla chips which you can chew slowly to prevent damaging and creating bacteria and tooth enamel as well.

    You will find many kinds of hard chips and crunchy you should avoid such a Cheetos, Tostitos, Doritos, nachos, crackers, and corn chips, pretzel, mix nuts, paneer salsa tortilla, and popcorn, etc. before you eating that kind of foods you need to be careful,

    Tortilla make by thin flatbread typically its wheat flour or corn, you will find the soft type of tortilla which makes with thin flatbread before you eat you need to inform your dentist to get a proper suggestion base on your orthodontic treatment.

    What Happens If You Eat Tortilla Chips with Braces

    A lot of people have a doubt can I eat tortilla chips with braces and what happens if you eat tortilla chips with braces, it's very hurtful for your treatment its damaging and losing bracket more than expected also making longer treatment period,

    Many cases it happens patient does not take care of their braces and continue consuming tortilla and hard food without an inform dentist when they feel irritation from wires and other tooth problems like sores in the mouth, pain from teeth and jaw then they visit the dentist,

    When you show the dentist it’s too late its already affected to your braces than for the small mistake you have to pay more cost, so best thing not to eat tortillas with braces, however, if you can’t stay without tortilla there are some ways you need maintenance.

    Why Can't You Eat Tortilla Chips with Braces

    There are many reasons for eating tortilla chips, the first thing is its damage your brackets and wires all kind of braces even its metal, ceramic or clear braces, the second point is tortilla bite pieces stuck between bracket and teeth and its break the wires and creates inside bacteria,

    The third thing is very hard to chew with braces also sometimes small pieces it’s not removing even you doing flossing, again and again, so batter to avoid such kind of chips and hard or crunchy food as a well liquid type of drinks like coffee, tea, alcohol, red wine, and soda, etc.

    How To Eat Tortilla Chips with Braces

    Eating tortilla chips dentist not allowed but if you have a habit and you can't miss your favourite chips than some ways will help to prevent damage, besides before deciding to you need to talk with your dentist to ensure it's fine to eat with your treatment situation,

    The best thing is if possible, to avoid consume tortilla chips it’s a good idea and your treatment will be risk-free treatment journey, and the great thing is you will not visit an emergency to your dentist, also you can ask your dentist how to eat tortilla chips with braces,

    1.      Steps: Choose soft type tortilla chips it’s easy to chew and don’t forget to chew slowly,
    2.     Steps: Don’t take the whole one, make it bite-size pieces to eat easily and avoid stuck under the wires,
    3.     Steps: After consuming you need to brush and floss every corner properly to make sure nothing left behind the teeth and brackets.

    Foods You Can’t Eat with Braces

    ·        Recommended hard and sticky foods to avoid while wearing braces,
    ·        Corn chips, popcorn, small seeds, nuts
    ·        Mutton, chicken, and meat
    ·        Whole apple, pear, Raw carrot, guards
    ·        Hard cookies and crackers
    ·        Chewing gum
    ·        sticky candy and hard chocolate
    ·        Ice
    ·        Pretzels
    ·        Taffy and extra Mentos
    ·        Airheads
    ·        Starburst
    ·        Licorice, hard rolls, bagels
    ·        All type of Citrus fruits
    ·        Caramel candy
    ·        Sugar daddies and sugar babies
    ·        Pizza rolls, Thin crust pizza, and don't eat pizza cheese
    ·        chewable vitamins

    Foods You Can Eat with Braces

    Suggested foods, you can eat with braces to keep sustain your orthodontic treatment:

    ·        Meat without bones
    ·        Vegetable, steamed spinach, beans, and mashed potatoes
    ·        Pasta and few soft slices of bread
    ·        Soft tortillas, Soft veggies, pancakes and cupcakes
    ·        Moist desserts, lemon rice, curd rice, and soft-cooked rice
    ·        Onion rings
    ·        Dairy products, yogurt, and cheese
    ·        Fruits, grapes, oranges, juices, bananas, strawberries,
    ·        Pasta dishes
    ·        Steamed and roasted vegetable
    ·        Eggs, jelly and peanut butter
    ·        cookies, and crackers
    ·        Sandwiches and burgers
    ·        Seafood, salmon, crab cakes, tuna
    ·        Salad, raw vegetable bite-size and boiled vegetable
    ·        Soft rice but after need to brush carefully
    ·        Thin Soup


    A lot of people have a question can you eat tortilla chips with braces my suggestion not to consume with braces, also dentist not allowing to consume tortilla with braces, before you are eating your favourite any hard chips you should ask your dentist for exact guide base on your treatment condition to get a beautiful smile. Thanks

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