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Does wisdom tooth extraction really make your face thinner?

Does wisdom tooth extraction really make your face thinner?

Is it true that removing the wisdom teeth on both sides can make a face thin? Is it true that the dentist pointed out that there is only a 10-percent chance of removing the wisdom teeth and thinning the face?

Whether or not the face can be thinned after wisdom teeth extraction is also different from person to person. It depends on the growth of the wisdom teeth. So in what situations can the wisdom teeth be removed to make the face thinner?

What kind of conditions can remove wisdom teeth to make your face thin?

Wisdom teeth are long and crooked, and they lie on the cheeks, causing the mandibular angle to become hypertrophy. After being pulled out, the supporting effect of the wisdom teeth is gone.

If the muscle layer on the face is thin and soft enough, the wisdom teeth will have a sunken effect after pulling them out. It seems that the face will be thinner.

If the muscle layer is thicker and the masseter muscle is developed, there may be no change after the wisdom tooth is removed.

If the previous wisdom teeth caused inflammation and swelling of the face, the swelling would disappear after the removal, and the face would become thinner. This is really "you are beautiful," and then you will be bullied by the wisdom teeth!

It may also be due to severe reactions after tooth extraction, inconvenient food, less eating, weight loss and weight loss, and the face shape naturally becomes thinner. This is the same effect as weight loss. It can be completed without wisdom teeth extraction.

The doctor reminded: Wisdom tooth extraction is relatively rare, so we do not encourage wisdom tooth extraction for the purpose of face-lifting.

So do wisdom teeth still need to be removed? With the evolution of humans, third molars generally have no effect on modern people. Still, if wisdom teeth can erupt normally and establish an occlusal relationship, there is no risk of pain and infection, and wisdom teeth can be removed.

However, poor growth of wisdom teeth causes inflammation, severe tooth decay without other treatments, and the inability to coordinate with the size of the jaw, resulting in uneven tooth arrangement and long wisdom teeth above. Still, there is no corresponding wisdom tooth below Extraction.

Impacted wisdom teeth are usually very troublesome, usually buried in the alveolar bone, inflammation often occurs, or ectopic impaction affects the health of the second molar. It must be extracted; when the tooth needs orthodontic treatment. To ensure the effect of orthodontic treatment, wisdom teeth are usually extracted.

Can wisdom tooth extraction really make your face thinner? The above is the relevant introduction. Wisdom tooth extraction does not necessarily result in face thinning, and it should not be used for the purpose of wisdom tooth extraction. If the wisdom tooth grows poorly, pain, inflammation, etc., it must be removed as soon as possible.

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