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How long do you have to wear braces?

How long do you have to wear braces?

The primary function of braces is to straighten the teeth and keep them tidy. The principle is to use a mold-like cover to fix the teeth and gradually increase the pressure to make the teeth neat.

The process of using braces to straighten teeth is relatively long, and its effect is subtle, and it is generally difficult to see the effect in a short time.

The current braces mainly include ordinary steel braces, lingual braces (invisible braces), ceramic braces, braces-free braces, self-locking braces (steel self-locking, ceramic self-locking), and invisible braces that are completely invisible. The role of braces is mainly reflected in the following points:

  • Correct the occlusal relationship. Wearing braces to straighten your teeth can make irregular teeth tidy and prevent tooth wear due to uneven bite strength, leading to premature loosening and loss of teeth. Wear braces to normalize the arrangement and occlusion of teeth.

  • Prepare for the restoration of missing teeth. For those who have missing teeth but are unwilling to insert or are not suitable for dental inserts, the gap between the missing teeth can be closed by wearing braces to achieve an aesthetic effect.

  • For people with too loose teeth and gaps, you can concentrate the gaps between the teeth by wearing braces and insert the teeth at the places where the gaps are formed, which can also achieve aesthetics.

  • Conducive to periodontal cleaning and healthy maintenance. After wearing braces to restore order to the teeth, it can facilitate cleaning the teeth and protect the teeth.

How long should I wear braces?

How long should I wear braces? The length of braces correction time is not general; it is determined by many factors.

  1. It is related to the condition of one's own teeth. Generally speaking, patients with severe malocclusion tend to wear braces for a longer time.
  2. It is related to the type of braces selected. Different types of braces have different wearing times. Generally speaking, the wearing time of wire braces is longer than the wearing time of invisible braces.
  3. It is related to age. Compared with adults, braces during adolescence take a relatively shorter time, and the bone metabolism and alveolar bone reconstruction in adults are slower.
  4. In fact, there is no accurate answer as to how long to wear braces. The time to wear braces is determined by the consumer's own oral conditions. Although the shape of the current braces has been improved, the braces still affect consumers' lives.

    The length of time with braces is not necessarily related to the rebound in the future. In addition, dental cosmetic experts said that how long it takes for the braces to be effective is not the main reason that affects the cosmetic effect of consumers.

    Under normal circumstances, after removing the braces, consumers still need to bring about two years of braces for maintenance.

Do I need to wear braces for fillings?

After dental braces are necessary, talking about here is not the braces orthodontic used when the braces. Wearing braces after filling the teeth is to make a crown for the teeth to prevent the teeth from cracking and protect the teeth.

The reason why wearing braces is added after filling the teeth is mainly that after filling the teeth, if the protective measures of wearing braces are not taken on the teeth, it is easy to cause the teeth to fracture.

This is because the filled teeth have lost their vitality, and the teeth have no nutrition for a long time. Due to the loss of water, they will gradually become brittle. If the chewing force is not appropriate, it is easy to cause the teeth to fracture and cause the failure of the previous treatment.

In addition to correcting teeth and keeping the teeth in order, wearing braces can also repair teeth. Put the cracked or longitudinally cracked teeth on and make appropriate repairs to restore the normal chewing function of the affected teeth.

How long does it take to wear invisible braces?

Compared with the traditional metal braces, the invisible braces have the function of convenient extraction, and because it is a special bioceramic, the color is almost transparent and more beautiful.

In addition, the invisible braces are not as painful as traditional braces, have better biocompatibility, have less friction, and feel more comfortable to wear. The time for orthodontics will be shortened by about half compared with traditional orthodontics. So how long should I wear invisible braces every day?

  1. Orthodontics for children: The best age for orthodontics is childhood, and the time for orthodontics does not need to belong. Except for some children with very irregular teeth, the time to wear braces will be relatively long, but the time for invisible braces will be shortened.

    Under normal circumstances, children with invisible braces need to be worn for one year to one and a half years, and they need to be worn for 6 months after correction. Retainer until about 1 year.

  2. Matters needing attention with invisible braces:
    1. Generally, a pair of aligners should be replaced every 2 weeks. In exceptional cases, follow the doctor's advice.
    2. The effect of the correction depends on whether the time of wearing the appliance is enough. Generally, it is only removed when eating, drinking, and brushing. The wearing time should not be less than 20 hours a day.
    3. If the appliance is damaged, deformed, or lost, contact the doctor immediately and take remedial measures in time.
    4. Clean the appliance with a toothbrush or cotton swab every day.
    5. If you have an abnormal reaction in the oral cavity after wearing the appliance, you should contact the attending physician as soon as possible and do not deal with it by yourself.
    6. The appliance should not be soaked in sterile water and hot water.

  3. Adult orthodontics: Adult orthodontics is more complex, and there are more sequelae of correction, and it is necessary to prevent recurrence after correction, so the correction time will be longer. Generally speaking, it takes about 2 years for adults to wear invisible braces, and it may take longer for individual friends.

    After the correction, you need to wear the retainer for more than 1 year. It should be worn during the day and night in the previous year, and only taken off when eating or eating, and only worn at night during the following year.

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