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How do you take care of Invisalign braces?

How do you take care of Invisalign braces?

If you have already started an orthodontic stroke called Invisalign, then you will get a series of clear retainers to guide your teeth to perfection. However, achieving the perfect smile is not as easy as popping up these retainers. Proper care of Invisalign retainers is the most important thing to get the best results and avoid expensive replacement retainers.

1. Clean: Clean with water and a toothbrush; no toothpaste is required, and ensure a thorough rinse. If the cleaning effect is not good, an ultrasonic cleaner can be used as appropriate.
2. New time: Usually, the next invisible aligner is replaced every 7-14 days. Please follow the doctor's advice for details.
  • It is best to change it before going to bed to get a better tooth movement effect. Of course, it can be replaced at other times.

  • 3. Box: Why is the topic called a box? More than 90% of the braces are lost when eating, and the braces are wrapped in a napkin and thrown away.

  • Please take the box with you and put it in the box every time you remove the invisible aligner to prevent loss.
  • If you accidentally lose, damage, or have other accidents, please be sure to contact your doctor or clinic.

  • 4. Keep the braces: After wearing each pair of invisible aligners, please put them back in the original bag according to the serial number, and please keep them, just in case.

  • Sometimes, the braces are lost or damaged, or the movement is not ideal; it may be necessary to replace a pair of braces.

  • 5. Bite Every time you put on the invisible aligner, bite with the chewing gum to ensure that the braces are fully seated.

  • Please note that not being severe about chewing gum is the most common problem. Many students will confidently say: I don't think you need to bite carefully/do not bite gum. The braces are also very fit. In fact, it is purely self-feeling.

  • The specific method has been shared before:

    Method 1: Put the chewing stick in a position, bite it tightly, hold it for a few seconds, and open it; change the position next to it and repeat the operation just now.

    Method 2: Put the chewing stick in one position, bite in the same position several times and open it quickly; change the position next to it and repeat the operation just now.

  • Bite to all occlusal positions one by one, with a partial overlap between two adjacent ones.

  • 6. Daily wearing time Please follow the doctor's advice to wear the appliance, usually for 20-22 hours a day. Otherwise, it may affect your treatment progress and effect.

  • Rahul had obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the cases were generally tricky, and he required 22 hours to wear braces.
  • There is also a rule. Students who don’t have enough time to wear braces usually don’t bite well.

    7. Keep away from hot water: Do not scald the invisible aligner with hot water. Otherwise, the aligner will be deformed. You can drink cold water and warm water below 45 degrees Celsius when wearing invisible aligners.

  • Drinking boiling water is actually not good for the body.

  • 8. Keep away from pets: Please keep invisible aligners out of the reach of pets.

  • If it breaks, contact the doctor as soon as possible. Generally, you can wear the next pair directly. Sometimes you need to wear a retainer temporarily to produce a new brace.

  • 9. Rubber bands and accessories: If the doctor requires you to wear the rubber band while wearing the invisible aligner, please wear it according to the doctor's advice and replace it with a new apron on time.

    If there are attachments on the teeth, you need to pay attention to the number of attachments. Once the attachments fall off, you should contact your doctor in time to determine whether you need to follow up as soon as possible.
    10. Serial number: When replacing a new invisible aligner, please replace it in order.

    If it’s Invisalign braces, please pay attention to the serial number on the braces; the serial number on the braces is the same as the serial number on the braces bag; make sure you wear it again.
    11. When traveling or traveling: If you are on a business trip or traveling, please be sure to bring a pair of new and old invisible aligners with you if the invisible aligner you are wearing is lost, and there is no invisible aligner to wear.

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