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Experience of wearing Invisalign braces in the UK?

Experience of wearing Invisalign braces in the UK?

I have experienced orthodontics in the UK to answer this question.

The difference with traditional braces is that braces are transparent. There is no way people in the world who love beauty have invented anything. Invisalign has been very mature abroad, but it is much more expensive in India, and it is also used by many celebrities.

Let me talk about my experience; I hope to help everyone.

1. First, make an appointment for a consultation, 90 pounds.

But it seems that I went during the event period, so this fee is waived. You can search for the nearest qualified doctors and clinics in your home on the Invisalign website. You can’t just find a dentist to do this; you have to go through training and practice to be qualified.

During the consultation process, you will be asked whether you have the usual family genetic diseases and whether you are suitable for invisible braces because invisible braces are transparent. The price you pay for beauty is time and expensive costs. Of course, there is. The effect may not be as good as steel teeth. The doctor will tell you an approximate treatment time and cost range to see if you can accept it.

2. After the decision is made, pay the money and take the mold.

I am trying to correct a tiger tooth and a lower tooth that is not perfectly aligned. At that time, the price given by the doctor was close to 3,000 pounds, or 3,03,464.40 Indian Rupee, for a 12-month course of treatment.

X-rays were taken before and after, the tooth model was taken, and then it was sent to the headquarters. After waiting for a week or so, you can get your plan! You will see a video of slowly changing teeth and learn how your teeth become perfect. To be honest, it is still fascinating to watch, but if you don't wear braces properly, reality and ideals are still a bit far away.

3. Start wearing braces!

I read a lot of reviews before putting on braces. Some people say that it will cause oral ulcers due to friction. Some people say that although it is transparent, it still looks a bit obvious. The following is my personal experience:

  1. I have never had oral ulcers, and there is no pain from friction.
  2. The first two weeks of braces are an adaptation period. Later, you will begin to install attachments on your teeth, which means sticking a small piece of the white stuff to better move your teeth. From this point on, it will be a bit ugly because it's weird to laugh! But it is much better than steel teeth; after all, the braces are transparent, and the attachment is also white.
  3. Try not to eat acidic and heavy-colored things, such as coffee, while wearing braces. Every time you have to brush your teeth after a meal to wear braces, you will find that you will lose weight immediately because you have to brush your teeth after you really eat. You have to go to WC to take braces every day and to WX after eating and brushing your teeth. Everyone will look at you. Brushing and removing braces are embarrassing and troublesome!
  4. Before putting on braces, brush the braces slowly with a toothbrush to prevent dirt from getting on them.
  5. Change a pair of braces every 2 weeks and see a doctor every 2 months or so. He will look at your correction and then change the position of the attachment.
  6. Every time you bring a new brace, it hurts. Sometimes it hurts to brush your teeth when you take the brace in the morning, but it's not unbearable. After all, it's a matter of one or two days.

In short, we must persist. The best condition is to take 22 hours a day, which means that you only have 2 hours for three meals, and parties, dinners with friends, etc., will delay the treatment. One way is that you can self-adjust to wear for two more days and then change to a pair of braces.

4. End of treatment? not at all!

Don't be naive to think that the treatment is over; every day from now on is beautiful, it's not! Since then, you will wear braces throughout the day for the first three months, and then you will wear a pair of braces every night to prevent your teeth from being reset. I was also shocked at the time, but the doctor smiled and told me, Yes, every day!

He said that because some people have no sense of protection, their teeth may be restored to their previous appearance in less than a year. It is terrifying to think carefully! But to be honest, I really think braces are ugly, especially in front of people I like. I have been ugly for a year. Do you still ask me to bring braces to face the person next to my pillow every night in my life!

The above. This is my experience in correcting teeth in the UK and using Invisalign with invisible braces. Some places may not be entirely written, you can come here if you have any questions! Hope everyone smiles beautifully!


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