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Is it too late to start wearing braces at 27?

When it comes to orthodontics, many people’s first reaction is, "I am 23 years old, I am 34 years old, I am 41 years old. Can I still straighten my teeth?"

Generally, for this kind of question, I will ask: "You are 23 years old, you 34 years old, you 41 years old. Can you still exercise?"

Correct the idea that adult orthodontics has nothing to do with age but with your periodontal condition and oral health.

As long as oral health permits, most people can perform orthodontics. But before you start, you need a professional dentist to perform an oral examination to check whether the gums are healthy, caries or missing teeth, etc. If you have oral problems, you need to be treated first and then corrected.

Many adults think that when they are older, the correction will cause their teeth to loosen and even fall out easily.

In fact, such worries are unnecessary. Orthodontics uses external force to make irregular teeth move safely and slowly and arrange them according to the treatment plan. Tooth loosening during correction is physiological loosening, which is reasonable within the normal range. So adults can also do orthodontics, regardless of age.

However, the oral condition of adults is more complicated, and the periodontal condition should be checked before orthodontic treatment. If the periodontal and oral health is not very good, you need to be treated first before getting orthodontics.

In addition, for adults who care about aesthetics during the correction process, there are now invisible corrections and verbal corrections, which will not affect the aesthetics during the correction process.

Invisible correctionIs it too late to start wearing braces at 27?
Lingual correctionIs it too late to start wearing braces at 27?

However, here is a reminder that adults need to wear a retainer after correcting their teeth!

Our teeth all have memories. This is also the most worrying aspect of adult correction-rebound. Therefore, children in many countries in Europe and the United States have to wear retainers permanently at night after their teeth are corrected.

Believe in the doctor and the current technology; as long as you stick to the retainer, the rebound will not happen to you.

I really like the slogan of a specific fitness software: self-discipline gives me freedom, as long as you decide to do corrections, listen to the doctor and wear it for enough time, you will not regret the money you spent.

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