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Is it possible to drink alcohol? Before and After tooth extraction

Is it possible to drink alcohol? Before and After tooth extraction

For many patients, the question is extremely relevant it possible to drink alcohol before and after tooth extraction. First, you need to understand that this is a surgical operation, after which a deep wound is formed.

The patient, like the attending physician, is interested in speeding healing without complications. To do this, you must strictly follow the recommendations and follow certain rules. 

Below we will tell you in detail about the consequences of drinking alcohol before and after tooth extraction.

Alcohol before surgery: possible consequences?

The strict prohibition on drinking alcohol before tooth extraction is due to many factors that can have an extremely negative impact on both the patient's health and the course of the operation. A number of problems can be found below.

  • Weak or completely absent effect of anesthesia;
  • The recovery process after surgery takes much longer;
  • Increased risk of inflammation;
  • Intoxication and rejection of the body's reaction to medications.


If the patient comes to the appointment in a state of alcoholic intoxication, then the doctor has the right to refuse the appointment. This is due to the fact that a drunk person can negatively affect the course of the operation.

Alcohol after dental treatment: probable complications?

Now let's figure out the threat of taking alcohol after surgery. Headache, stress, and general discomfort of the body after tooth extraction (especially difficult), this is normal.

But some patients choose to relax with alcohol, which they believe will improve their general condition. But such a decision can entail extremely negative consequences:

  • Inflammation of the soft tissues around the hole;
  • Increased blood pressure due to dilated blood vessels
  • When the wound heals, a blood clot forms that blocks the infection and the protective layer dissolves due to alcohol;
  • Poor blood clotting and, as a result, increased bleeding of the hole;
  • The negative effect of the body on medicines.


The use of alcohol in combination with dental treatment can lead to irreparable consequences, including death.

How long is necessary to withdraw to drink alcohol after tooth extraction?

The prohibition on drinking alcohol takes effect immediately after the operation. As mentioned earlier, alcoholic beverages will only hinder the healing and recovery process of the body. Alcohol greatly affects blood pressure, which in turn can cause bleeding and severe pain.

Also, it is highly advisable not to smoke for several hours after removal. Due to this addiction, bleeding can also begin. There is a misconception that low alcohol drinks can still be consumed after surgery.

But this is a big mistake. Beer and wine contain active ingredients that cause strong inflammatory processes that affect not only the wound but also the gum as a whole. To eliminate the consequences, a much more serious operation may be required.

Now it became clear that the question of whether alcohol is possible after tooth extraction should be answered in the negative. Restricting nicotine products and alcoholic beverages is a prerequisite after a simple, but still, surgery.

It is worth postponing the alcoholic drink until the wound heals after the procedure. This period is individualized for each case.

Other complications for which alcohol is prohibited to drink?

A visit to the dentist to remove a tooth may be required at any time. At this time, there may be various events, parties, special events. Holidays are the reason that a person who has undergone surgery is looking for an answer to the question of how long alcohol is not allowed after tooth extraction.

Drinking strong drinks, for a period from one day to a longer period, is not recommended in the following situations:

  • After the procedure, the doctor prescribed medications that should not be drunk together with intoxicating products;
  • When removing, the dentist used anesthesia, application, or injection anesthesia;
  • Don't go to the dentist with a hangover. The human body in this state reacts inadequately to drugs, anesthesia. The doctor will definitely postpone the visit, seeing the patient's well-being;
  • Whitening and stone removal is a reason to forget about alcohol for a few days. Otherwise, you can harm the enamel and nullify the doctor's work. Let the normal sensitivity return, then you can remember your favorite drinks;
  • Dental implantation is a complex procedure in which there is a long-term ban on the use of any alcohol. It is about a few days before the operation and several weeks after it;
  • Antibiotics, and sometimes the dentist prescribes a long course for the patient, are a contraindication for drinking alcohol. In no case should this type of medicine be mixed with alcohol?

After tooth extraction, you can drink alcohol for a while. The minimum interval is a day. The maximum time depends on the individual characteristics of the person who underwent the operation.

You should not put your health at risk by getting short-term pleasure from an intoxicating drink. A simple piece of advice will help to protect yourself: after or before the procedure, you should find out from the doctor the entire list of prohibitions, including those related to the timing of the start of alcohol consumption. Health is the most important thing!

People Also Ask

One week after the tooth extraction, if the gums are not inflamed or bleeding, you can drink alcohol. If the gums are inflamed and you usually need to use drugs to reduce inflammation, then do not drink alcohol in this situation.

Because the relationship between alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs is rejection, drinking alcohol during drug treatment may cause other uncomfortable reactions.

Usually, in order to make the wound heal better after the tooth extraction, in order to prevent other uncomfortable conditions in the gums, it is better to wait until the wound is completely healed and there is no pain before drinking.

Generally, the recovery time after tooth extraction varies from person to person. Some people have better physical conditions and the wound will heal faster.

In order to get better and faster recovery from tooth extraction, you must usually manage your diet and care for oral hygiene. As long as your oral cavity is kept clean, there will be no wound infection or inflammation.

You can rinse your mouth with water after a meal. Don't use too much force when brushing your teeth. It's best to avoid the wound.

Usually the age of wisdom teeth is around 20 years old, but not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, some wisdom teeth that cause gum problems need to be removed.

After the wisdom tooth is removed, it will take time to return to normal. So, can I drink alcohol 3 days after the wisdom tooth is removed?

3 days after the wisdom tooth is removed, it is generally recommended not to drink alcohol. Because the alcohol in the wine has a stimulating effect on the wound, and drinking alcohol will speed up the blood circulation in the body.

In order to heal the wound faster , it is generally not necessary to speed up the blood circulation. Therefore, after the wisdom tooth is removed, in order to restore the teeth as soon as possible, it is better not to drink alcohol after the wisdom tooth is removed.

Some friends have a drinking habit in their lives, which can even be described as having no alcohol but not being happy. However, a small amount of moderate drinking can also play a role in warming the stomach and fitness, but if there is an oral disease, such as a toothache, it is necessary to stop drinking temporarily.

So, can I drink alcohol one month after tooth extraction?

It takes some time for the wound to recover after tooth extraction, and it usually takes at least one week for the healing and recovery.

After about a week, new capillaries have gradually grown, and it will take a month for the wound to heal completely and return to a good state.

Some people only know that if you have a toothache, just go for a tooth extraction. In fact, they don't know that there are still many problems that need attention before tooth extraction. For example, when a woman extracts a tooth, she must miss her menstrual period.

Men must not drink alcohol before tooth extraction. What will happen if i drink the day before tooth extraction?

You are not allowed to drink alcohol before tooth extraction. If you drink alcohol before tooth extraction, you cannot use anesthetics during tooth extraction.

Because there is a danger between the two, I remind everyone that you must not drink alcohol before tooth extraction and after tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction is also a kind of surgery, so of course it is necessary to abstain from alcohol before and after the operation.

Even after the tooth is extracted, you cannot drink alcohol or smoke, so that the extraction wound will heal normally, infection will not occur easily, and pain will be reduced.

In addition to not drinking alcohol before tooth extraction, do not use drugs indiscriminately.

If it is a routine tooth extraction, in order to avoid infection, antibiotics will be used after the tooth extraction. At this time, because of the use of antibiotics, it is not recommended that the patient drink alcohol.

If you do not take antibiotics orally at this time , you can drink a little alcohol as appropriate. Alcohol is a kind of invigorating blood, and blood clotting is required after tooth extraction.

Therefore, it is recommended not to drink alcohol on the day after tooth extraction, if it is one or two days later, then drink a little alcohol.


All information and articles available on this site are for educational purposes only. The information given here should not be used without any expert advice for the diagnosis or treatment of any health related problem or disease. Always seek the advice of a qualified doctor for medical examination and treatment.

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