A piece of tooth broke off - What are the reasons and What to do? - IS

A piece of tooth broke off - What are the reasons and What to do?

A piece of tooth broke off - What are the reasons and What to do?

Tooth chipping is an unpleasant but solvable problem. The main thing is to choose a good dentist who can restore not only the chewing function of the damaged tooth but also the beauty of a smile.

A tooth broke off, what to do?

If you have a chipped tooth, visit your dentist right away. The method of treatment will depend on the complaints, the causes of the cleavage, and the clinical picture.

Invisalign support clinic therapists practice an individual approach to each patient, always striving for a high aesthetic and functional result. We offer the following techniques for dental treatment:

  • Artistic restoration: restoration of lost tissues using composite materials, ideally matched to the shade and transparency of the tooth;

  • Dental veneers: thin inlays made of ceramics or composite materials according to an individual impression. Restore minor defects of enamel, tooth shape, enhance smile aesthetics;

  • Teeth Lumineers: the thinnest plates made of ceramics or composite materials are one of the means of achieving “Hollywood smile";

  • Tabs: we use them if a tooth is broken within the dentin; it is a micro prosthesis that allows you to restore the function and integrity of the tooth while maintaining high aesthetic indicators;

  • Crowns recommended for significant chipping of the crown part of the tooth with pulp involvement, the dentist first removes the tooth pulp.

Special cases

Increased attention is required if a piece of a child's tooth breaks off. Children often get injuries that lead to complications - caries, pulpitis, tooth loss. Therefore, treatment should be started as soon as possible.

Chipped enamel can be not only on the front, but also on the chewing teeth. Among them, chipped wisdom teeth are especially dangerous, this is fraught with the rapid development of caries and its transition to pulpits, periodontitis.

Endodontic treatment of this group of teeth is often associated with difficulties: poor access to the tooth, curved or obstructed canals.

Types of tooth chips?

Before answering the question of what to do if a tooth is broken, it is necessary to determine exactly where the chip occurred

  • Enamel. Often, patients do not even notice the chip until the defect begins to catch the eye.

  • Dentin More serious injury: a large part of the tooth is chipped off. A chipped tooth becomes painful, especially when exposed to irritants (cold, sour, salty, hot).

  • Tooth pulp. The most serious chip. It is painful and dangerous: untimely access to the dentist threatens the development of pulpitis and tooth loss.

Chipped tooth: causes of chips?

There are many reasons why such a nuisance as a chipped tooth can happen:

  • Trauma;
  • Bad habits, for example, you are at risk if you bite wires, open bottles with your teeth, bite into nutshells;
  • large carious cavity - the thin walls of the tooth can chip off even from slight pressure when chewing;
  • Non-carious lesions of the teeth, making the enamel fragile.

How to prevent chips and complications?

You cannot walk for a long time with a chipped tooth. This is a direct and quick way to the development of caries and, in the future, pulpitis. Timely treatment is a good prevention of complications and a guarantee of full tooth restoration.

Dental trauma can provoke some bite pathologies. The specialists of our clinic will definitely tell you about preventive measures that will help to significantly reduce the risks of chips.

How much does it cost to restore a tooth?

The price for treatment can vary widely, it all depends on the specific situation, as well as on the materials and techniques used.

Procedure The Cost
Restoration of the crown part of the tooth
with materials of light polymerization
(degree of destruction - more than 1/2)
71.80 Dollars
Restoration of the crown part of the tooth
with light curing materials
55.86 Dollars
Making a metal-free crown on
zirconium oxide
265.75 Dollars
Fabrication of the IPS e.max all-ceramic
265.75 Dollars
Fabrication of the IPS e.max all-ceramic
265.75 Dollars

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