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Must Need to Know Why Tooth Stains from Braces And Discoloration on Teeth

tooth stains from braces

Many people have confused during orthodontic treatment getting tooth stains from braces it's really not happening with every patient very few people getting stain during treatment on gums and teeth from braces,


Most of the people lazy to take care of their dental oral hygiene routine because of this they are getting white spots and yellow stains on tooth and teeth, another factor is foods you need to maintain some foods while you wearing braces,


So, let’s talk step by step about what you need to maintain during your orthodontic treatment and how to remove tooth stains from braces.




    Why Tooth Stains from Braces

    Most of the patient asking why tooth stains from braces, this kind caused by several issues it might from plaques buildup and bacteria or cavities if you did not keep clean your teeth and if you regular consuming fluoridated toothpaste,


    If you any types of stain such a brown color, white spots or yellow color you need to use teeth whiting toothpaste not fluoridated toothpaste it will cause the stain to your teeth and tooth, the second thing is you have to floss and brush after every meal,



    If your tooth has stains that mean your tooth is very sensitive you need to talk with your dentist your tooth getting stains from braces it might happening from different problems,


    so, before using any kind of teeth or tooth cleaning product or paste you should discuss with your dentist or take a prescription for your tooth, normally if you control your food and oral hygiene routine stain will go away,


    In many cases foods stuck between the brackets and wire which is creating bacteria, cavities, and plaque as well other tooth issues so you need to ensure you avoid hard types of foods and make a practice to eat soft kind foods,



    The common cause of tooth stains from braces:

    ·         Bacterial Overgrowth

    ·         Too Much Fluoride

    ·         Nutritional Deficits

    ·         Medications

    ·         Smoking While Pregnant and during orthodontic treatment

    ·         High Fevers



    Some Common Things Cause Tooth Stains from Braces

    There are many problems to create tooth stains from braces below give a list that might cause on your tooth and teeth to grow discolorations and other tooth problems,


    ·         Drinks

    ·         Foods

    ·         Smoking

    ·         Tobacco

    ·         Dental hygiene if poor

    ·         Medication

    ·         Dental materials

    ·         Trauma

    ·         Aging

    ·         Environment

    ·         Genetics

    ·         Acid reflux

    ·         Disease



    Symptoms of Oral and Dental Issues

    ·         Sore, ulcers

    ·         Swelling and bleeding from gums after floss and brush

    ·         loose teeth

    ·         Receding gums

    ·         When biting or chewing feeling pain

    ·         Jaw clicking

    ·         Broken or cracked teeth

    ·         Cracked tooth

    ·         Toothache

    ·         Oral cancer

    ·         Regular feel dry mouth

    ·         Bad breath (chronic)

    ·         Soft tissue problems

    ·         Sensitivity to cold temperatures and hot also with normal beverages



    How To Remove Tooth Stains from Braces

    There are many ways to remove tooth stains from braces easily your dentist will guide to you, usually, you can use a tube of gel of fluoride which is helping to protect tooth enamel and stain which is occurring your tooth and teeth at night,


    Second things are you need to floss and brush every corner of your teeth minimum of twice a day and rinse your mouth and avoid sugary drinks and sticky foods,


    No need to worry if your teeth and tooth become discoloration just talk with your dentist and visit regularly and follow your dentist instruction to maintain tooth problems and vanish your teeth and tooth discolorations,


    Below practice can avoid staining your teeth and tooth:

    1.     Microabrasion

    2.    Bleaching

    3.    Nasal decongestants

    4.    Veneers

    5.    Teeth whiting

    6.    Fluoride

    7.    Bonding

    8.   Composite resin

    9.    Chin straps

    10. whitening toothpaste

    11.   Over the white agents

    12.  Use baking soda while you brush

    13.  Hydrogen peroxide use

    14.  Eat vegetable and fruits

    15.  Need to protect tooth stains before getting

    16.  Never consider for brush and floss do it on time



    Two Reason Discoloration of Teeth

    It’s very important to understand there are two basic reasons for discoloration one is intrinsic stains that are stain which are inside the teeth and one or call extrinsic stain which are outside the teeth,


    The intrinsic stain can be due to two reasons one before the birth is there any problem and one after birth,


    Let's talk about the intrinsic stains if there is a disease which occurs during the birth or in the young childhood the teeth colour changes,


     for example, if you are staying in an area which is a fluoride belt what we called as a more fluoride in the water you get a stain on the Teeth called florist stain, which are brownish-yellow stains or white spots on hypoplastic sports 


    if the medicines are given to you due to some illness during the development of the teeth previous, they used to give tetracycline, an antibiotic used to get to blueish green black teeth, 


     there is some blood disease which occurs during the development of the teeth the colour of the teeth different that are intrinsic stains due to systemic problems or before birth 


    after the birth irrupted if tooth is death by accident or by root canal by the decay or root Canal tooth becomes Death, the colour of the tooth changes from original colour to Lewis black colour so that is an intrinsic colour change


     What are extrinsic stains

    extrinsic stains which come on the tooth surface that includes your habits what are the advantage over brushing you don't eat for maybe 10 minutes that will make your teeth white in fact or removing the enamel which is white in colour


     the second is habits of drinking alcohol, wine, coolers drinking cola drinking lime juice in young ladies’ young girls told that if you drink lime and honey in the morning to help your healthy 

    but line is acidic cola is acidic or alcohol, wine is acidic that arose you are enamel and become yellow teeth, so you need to avoid it those are the reason of discoloration of Teeth and getting white spots on your teeth.



    13 Most Common Tooth Problems

    1.     Toothache

    2.    Cavities

    3.    Chipped tooth

    4.    Stained teeth

    5.    Cracked tooth

    6.    Impacted teeth

    7.    Sensitive to hot and cold

    8.   teeth gap

    9.    problems of gum

    10. tooth decay

    11.   gum disease

    12.  plaque and tartar

    13.  Wisdom teeth issues


    What Foods Can You Eat with Braces

    When you’re receiving treatment, you have to know or ask your dentist about foods what you can eat with braces to avoid discolorations on tooth and what categories of foods you can't eat with braces, below-given list of the foods you can enjoy with braces,


    Foods Can You Eat with Braces at (Breakfast)

    ·         All kind of Dairy products

    ·         Eggs

    ·         Pancakes

    ·         Milk

    ·         Yogurt

    ·         Oatmeal

    ·         French toast

    ·         Soggy cereals

    ·         All kind of Soft fruits

    ·         Smoothies

    ·         Milkshakes

    ·         Waffles


    Foods Can You Eat with Braces at (Lunch)

    ·         Egg salads

    ·         Seafood

    ·         Boneless chicken as well tender

    ·         Meat without bone

    ·         Steamed vegetable

    ·          Cheese

    ·         Jelly

    ·         Sandwiches

    ·         Potato mashed

    ·         Soft bread

    ·         Cake

    ·         Ice cream (without ice)

    ·         Soft cookies

    ·         Cooked rice

    ·         Cooked pasta

    ·         Soft tortilla

    ·         Burgers

    ·         Soup

    ·        Peanut butter

    ·         Noodle

    ·         Bacon

    ·         Bananas, kiwi, apple, strawberries, oranges, grapes, etc.


    Foods Can You Eat with Braces at (Dinner)

    ·         Meatloaf

    ·         Crab cakes

    ·         Beans

    ·         Soft rice (cooked)

    ·         Roasted vegetable

    ·         Mashed potato

    ·         Tuna

    ·         Salmon

    ·         Meatballs

    ·         Pudding or jell- o

    ·         Bite-sized pieces pizza

    ·         Bite-sized Hamburgers

    ·         Shushi

    ·         Potato chips (soft)

    ·         Pasta dishes

    ·        Cheetos

    ·         Goldfish

    ·         Marshmallow

    ·         Low sugary drinks

    ·         Salads

    ·         Cereals

    ·         Fries

    ·         KFC and McDonald


    Foods You Can't Eat with Braces

    ·         Chicken with bone

    ·         Meat

    ·         Hard rolls

    ·         Popcorn

    ·         Nuts

    ·         Tortilla

    ·         Seeds

    ·         Sticky and hard chocolate

    ·         Taffy and mentos

    ·         Thick crust pizza

    ·         Raw vegetable

    ·         Italian/French bread

    ·        Corn on the cob

    ·         Ice

    ·         Meat with bone

    ·         Whole apple, raw carrot, guards, pear

    ·         Hard Crackers and hard cookies

    ·         Chewing gum and bubble gum

    ·         Alcohol such a wine, vodka, carboned drinks

    ·         Pretzels

    ·         Croutons

    ·         Bagel and pita

    ·         Spicy foods

    ·         Hard candy and sticky candy



    12 Drinks You Can Consume with Braces

    Just keep your attention you need to floss and brush your teeth as well as rinse your mouth after drinks, even the drinks are good for your health and orthodontic treatment,


    1.     Apple juice

    2.    Horchata

    3.    Boba tea

    4.    Mango lassi

    5.    Hot chocolate

    6.    Hot Coffee

    7.    Nitro cold brew coffee

    8.   Orange juice

    9.    Hot tea

    10. Lemonade

    11.   Sweet tea

    12.  Milk





    A lot of patients asking the question of why tooth stains from braces its cause by several factors, for example, if you did not follow the dental routine, especially brushing and flossing your teeth as well foods, the dentist will find the specific problems after checkup why stain on your tooth and the dentist will suggest what you have to do base on your tooth condition. thanks
























    All information and articles available on this site are for educational purposes only. The information given here should not be used without any expert advice for the diagnosis or treatment of any health related problem or disease. Always seek the advice of a qualified doctor for medical examination and treatment.

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