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Axis Magnus Credit Card vs HDFC Infinia Credit Card: Which One To Choose?

Axis Magnus Credit Card vs HDFC Infinia Credit Card?

Axis Magnus and HDFC Infinia are 2, one of the most premium credit cards in India. I am using both the cards and in this article, apart from the usual comparison that we do and also be sharing my personal experience of both these cards.

Because both these cards belong to the premium category.

HDFC Infinia and Axis Magnus Eligibility?

Eligibility HDFC Infinia Axis Magnus
How to Apply? Invitation Basis N/A
Min Salary 40 LPA 18 LPA

How to Upgrade?
Credit Limit on Previous HDF Card = Rs. 8 Lakhs

Spends in Past 6 Months =Rs. 7.5 Lakhs


First let's talk about their eligibility, HDFC infinia is so exculsive that you don't get it on the basis of your salary, HDFC infinia invite only card which is HDFC bank, The criteria for each direction is simple for the users separately.

Your previous HDFC credit card limit is at least should be 8 lakhs and you have debited your card from the last Expenses of at least 7.5 lakhs in a month should be done with regular payments.

Apart from this, your annual salary should also be at least 14 to 42 lakhs to be eligible for this card. There is nothing like this in Axis Magnus. if your annual salary is 18 lakhs Anyone can apply for this card.

So that sounds pretty cool but think about it, Even if it happened, maybe not access analysis as exclusive as HDFC infinia, but is it true or no, you will come to know at the end of the article. It has become a matter of today's eligibility.

HDFC Infinia and Axis Magnus Annual Fees?

FEE HDFC Infinia Axis Magnus
Joining Fees Rs. 12500 + GST Rs. 1000 + GST

Welcome Benefits
1 Year Club Marriott Membership

12500 RP if joining fees is paid
1 Economy Domestic Flight Ticket
Or Rs 10000 Tata CLiQ voucher
Annual Fees Rs. 12500 + GST Rs. 1000 + GST
Annual Fees Waiver Rs. 10 Lakhs Spend Rs. 15 Lakhs Spend

Renewal Benefit

12500 RP if the renewal fee is paid
1 Economy Domestic Flight Ticket
Or Rs 10000 Tata CLiQ voucher

Now the annual fees of both also, Let's compare once. Means annual fees of HDFC infinia from axis bank It is a bit much but two that the welcome benefits are quite different.

Where HDFC focus is more on hotel stays, Axis magnus focus on flight vouchers.

You get equal rewards points as the annual fees of HDFC Infinia, you also get the annual membership of Club Marriott.

The annual fee of HDFC is Rs. 12,500 + GST But you can waive off this fees by spending more than Rs. 10 lakh in a year.

In Axis Magnus you get a free one-way domestic flight ticket as welcome benefit or you get Tata CLiQ Vouchers of worth Rs. 10k.

You need to spend Rs. 15 lakh in the previous year to waive off the annual fees it is much higher then HDFC Infinia in this parameter, HDFC Infina is slightly better.

HDFC Infinia and Axis Magnus Benefits?

Rewards HDFC Infinia Axis Magnus
Rewards 5 RP Per Rs 150 ~3.3% 12 RP Per Rs 200 ~1.2% to 4.8%
Flights 25 RP Per Rs 100 ~16.5% 60 RP Per Rs 200 ~6% to 24%
Milestone Benefits N/A 25000 EDGE RP on spending Rs 1 Lakh in a month
Insurance 5 RP Per Rs 150 up to 5000
RP Per day
12 RP Per Rs 200 up to Rs 1 Lakh Per txn
Grocery Transactions Maximum 2000 RP Per Calendar Month No Cap
Wallet and Fuel No Rewards No Rewards
Rent and Govt Services No Rewards 12 RP Per Rs 200 ~1.2% to 4.8%

Let's look at the benefits of both the cards, in HDFC you get 5 rewards points on spending Rs. 150, it's roughly equals to 3.3% reward rate.

In Axis Magnus you get 12 reward points on spending Rs. 200 roughly equals to 6%, but since it's conversion is not 1:1, the reward rate is varies from 1.2% to 4.8%.

I'll tell you in which category you will get 1.2% and where you will get 4.8%, for flight booking you will get good conversion rate on both cards.

In HDFC Infina you get 16.5% and in Axis Magnus around 24% which is absolutely insane, but you have to work slightly hard to get such high reward rates.

Then you have to convert the Axis Edge points with the partner brands like Accor, Air Canada, Air France, you get 5:4 conversion which is 80%, so technically your 6% reward rate will be 4.8% after converting Edge points with partner brands.

Unlike HDFC Infina and Axis Magnus gives you mile benefits, in Axis Magnus, if you spend Rs. 1 lakh in a month then you get 25k edge points, 25k edges points will be equal to 20k Marriott points which can be used for booking 2 night in Marriott hotels.

If you spend Rs. 1 lakh in a month then you can stay at Marriott hotels for free for 2 nights.

This is one of the coolest benefits of Axis Magnus, from both the cards you can get benefits in categories like insurance, grocery etc. But there is no significant difference in them.

How to Use HDFC Infinia and Axis Magnus Rewards Points?

VALUE OF 100 RP HDFC Infinia Axis Magnus
Flights Redemption Rs 100 Rs 20 - 80
Tanishq Vouchers Rs 100 Rs 20
Apple Products Rs 100 Rs 20
Airmiles 50 to 100 80
Voucher Redemption Rs 50 Rs 20

Let us understand how to convert and use the rewards, apart from airmiles, HDFC Infinia is better then Axis Magnus in all categories.

HDFC's Airmiles is variable in brands because in brands like ACCOR, Whyndham, IHG One you get 100% conversion in Axis, you got maximum 80% conversion.

If you book in an Accor hotel then your 1 point will be more then Rs. 1 because here 2000 points is roughly 40 Euros, which is approx equal to Rs. 3500. So 2000 reward points is equal to approx Rs. 3500.

For Axis Magnus if you don't exchange points with it's partner brands then you will only get 20% conversion rate which is really low for a super premium card.

In HDFC that is still 50%.

HDFC Infinia and Axis Magnus Non Monetary Benefits?

Domestic Primary Unlimited Unlimited
Domestic Add On Unlimited Unlimited
Domestic Add On Unlimited N/A
International Primary Unlimited Unlimited
International Add On Unlimited N/A
BookMyShow --- BOGO up to Rs. 500 off on 2nd ticket (Max 5 bookings/month)
Food Swiggy Dineout (Additional 15% off) Eazy Diner (Upto 40% Off)

Let's look at non monetary benefits that you get from both the cards in HDFC Infinia you get unlimited domestic and international lounge access for both yourself and the add-on card holder.

Axis Magnus gives access to the main holder but not to the add-on holder for international access.

But in Axis Magnus you get 5 movies vouchers of Book My Show of Rs. 500 every month which you can use to get 1+1 on movie bookings, you don't get this on HDFC Infinia.

In food category, you get Swiggy and Dineout benefits on Infinia and Magnus you can get Eazy Diner's benefits.

In Axis Magnus you get 8 free meet and greet services, my personal experience of booking this service was very smooth i was able to enter the airport from the staff entry gate and my security check in happened within minutes, along with this service i got free lounge access.

Although HDFC mentioned on its website about 24×7 concierge service but i found the experience of booking it very tough. after talking with my RM he said that previously the service was free but now it is charageable.

HDFC Infinia and Axis Magnus Which One to Choose?

If you have the options of both the cards then which one should you choose, Axis Magnus pampers the high spenders if you spend Rs. 1 lakh every month, enjoy staying in 5 stars hotels and taking flights then you will get rewarded very well with this card.

If you spend Rs. 15 lalh in a year then the card will become free for you, you will get additional benefits of Rs. 1 to 1.5 lakhs.

But if you don't plan on spending too much and looking for a card which is decent overall, then you can go ahead with HDFC Infinia.

Although HDFC tells to spend Rs. 10 lakh in a year but it's still very high, I've managed to keep this card free till now, if you get both the cards then you can take both, or based on your needs you can pick one of them.

Regarding devaluation of Axis Magnus Credit Card: We have made this article considering Axis Magnus Card won’t be devalued as up until now there have been only rumors but no official confirmation.

If the devaluation happens as is being speculated, the Magnus Card would further lose its position amongst India’s best Credit Cards. In case devaluation happens, HDFC Infinia would further consolidate its position as India’s Best Credit Card.

If you use these cards then share your experience in the comments, till then bye!


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