HDFC Regalia Credit Card Review: Benefits, Eligibility, Reward Points, Joining and Renewal Fees - IS

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Review: Benefits, Eligibility, Reward Points, Joining and Renewal Fees

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Review?

Hello everyone, welcome to invisalignsupport website. You must have seen that recently HDFC, Make a lot of changes in the reward structure of cards.

So on popular demand we will review one of the popular card of HDFC Regalia Credit Card, so you must read this article till the end.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card joining and renewal fee?

Type of fees or charges Amount (Rs.)
Joining Fee Rs. 2,500
Annual Fee Rs. 2,500 (waived off on spending Rs. 3 lakh in a year)

So the joining and renewal fee of this card is 2,500 + GST and if your last year's expenses, If your annual renewals are 3 lakh or above.

Also 100% waived off and if this, Talking about the welcome benefit and renewal benefit of the card Welcome benefit on paying joining fee or annual feeI get 2500 reward points and renewal benefits.

You also get 2500 rewards and if you get this card as a life time free credit card you have got, does not get any welcome or renewable benefit and if, If we talk about recovery then the value of one point will be given to you.

If you get maximum 50 paise then your joining and renewable fee. There is no recovery from benefits.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card nonspend based benefits?

Non-Spend Based Benefits
12 Complimentary Domestic Airport Lounge Access
6 Complimentary Overseas Airport Lounge Access through priority pass
Apply for priority pass after 4 transactions

Now let's talk about nonspend based benefits of this card, So the major nonspend benefit is the one that is the lounge access.

So you get 12 complimentary lounge on Indian Airport Terminal, you get access in a year and you get overseas lounge access is also available at the airport through priority pass, then you get 6 through priority passes also.

Keep in mind that unlike many cards give you priority, One has to apply separately for the pass. when you activate the card, After that do 4 transactions. So you pass priority to yourself and add on card holders.

You can apply for but within a year, Maximum 6 complementary or change relaxation are available only.

So these were the nonspend ways benefits of this card.

According to us, according to its fee on this card, At least there should have been dining and movie benefits. Last year dineout with regalia Membership of Passport was going on, which that has been discontinued now.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Based Reward Rate?

Spend Based Benefits, Based Rewards Points
No Rewards Points On Fuel, EMI, Cash Withdrawl, and Wallet Loads
No Points On Rental Payments effective 1st January 2023
Maximum 2000 rewards points can be earned on Insurance Transactions in a day

Let's start with the based reward rate. So for every 150rs you spend, Get four reward points, few EMI, cash withdrawals, wallet load but you do not get any points.

Along with this recently HDFC has announced that no points on rent payments will be closed from first January 2023.

And note one more point that you maximum, You can earn from 2,000 reward points on insurance transactions in a day based reward points after we access.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Reward Points Rate?

Spend Based Benefits, Accelerated Rewards Points
10x i.e. 40 Rewards Points on every Rs. 150 spent on Hotel Bookings and through SmartBuy
5x i.e. 20 Rewards Points on every Rs. 150 spent on Flight Bookings, Instant Vouchers, Imagine Tresor and Red Bus Through SmartBuy
3x i.e. 12 Rewards Points on every Rs. 150 spent on IRCTC and Flipkart through SmartBuy
Accelerated Reward points above Based Rewards Points Credited within 90 working days

Let's talk about rate to reward points. So you can use this card from HDFC bank, Selected through the smart work platform. Merchants or brands or category Spencers can do accelerated reward point on.

So let's discuss it in a little detail, So if you buy through smart buy, on smart buy platform, Make hotel bookings or make hotel bookings on MakeMyTrip Or shop on then you will get 10x reward points are available i.e. 40 reward points are available on spending every 150rs.

Get up to 5 instant vouchers on flights, imagine dresser and redbus reward points i.e. 20 reward points are available on spending every 150rs.

You can earn 3 x on IRCTC and Flipkart Means you can earn 12 reward points for every 150rs spent and that Which is extra reward points from based reward points i.e. Which is the 4 reward points above reward points, they get credited to you in 90 working days.

Cap on Accelerated Rewards Points on SmartBuy
Daily - 2000 Reward Points
Monthly - 4000 Reward Points

Earn through 10 extra points smart buy, Let's have capping on them too.You can earn maximum 2,000 accelerator reward points in a day.

You can earn maximum in a calendar month, you can earn 4,000 accelerated points, In the end we will tell you again that these For accelerated points you need smartbuy platform by going through in that form You will get these accelerated points only if you do shopping.

So for example, you shopped directly on Flipkart If you do, then you will get 4 reward points on spending every 150rs. For 12 points you have go on, smartbuy platform you have to shop on Flipkart through them.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Spend Milestone Benefits?

Milestone Benefits
On annual spends of Rs. 5 lakh - 10000 Bonus Reward Points
On annual spends of Rs. 8 lakh - 5000 Bonus Reward Points

These are spend based milestone benefits, So if you spend 5 lakh rs in a year, you get 10,000 bonus reward points and if, If you spend 8 lakh rs in a year, You get additional 5,000 bonus reward points. So these were the spend days benefits of this card.

How Can We Redeem My HDFC Reward Points?

Reward Points Redemption
Validity of a Reward Point is 2 years
Reward Redemption Fee of Rs. 99 + GST on every Redemption

So first of all you were aware that reward points, the validity is of 2 years and whenever you, If you redeem points, you will get 99rs plus GST. That reward redemption fee has to be paid.

HDFC Credit Card Points Redemption Options?

Reward Points Redemption, Cashback/Statement Credit:
1 Reward Point = 20 Paisa
Maximum 50,000 Reward Points can be redeemed in a calender month against cashback effective 1st Feb, 2023

Now let's talk about what you have, What are the redemption options, So when you redeem reward points as cash back or if redeemed in statement credit, you get 1 point, the value of 20 paise is available and which is recent Changes have come according to you from 1st February 2023.

Maximum 50000 rewards points can be redeemed as cash back in a calendar month and if you redeem against products or catalogue, The value of 1 point is 35 paise. This change is coming here that 1st February 2023

Reward Points Redemption, Product Catalogue/Vouchers:
1 Reward Point = 35 Paisa
70% of the total value of selected products or vouchers can be paid through points with effect from 1st Feb, 2023

From this you will get the value of the selected product and vouchers, but 70% you can pay from your point, the rest 30% you have to pay from your card. Which products are there now and which vouchers, it is not clear yet.

Reward Points Redemption, Flights and Hotel Booking Through SmartBuy:
1 Reward Point = 50 Paisa
70% of the total value of Flights and Hotel Bookings can be paid through points, rest through card
Maximum 50,000 Reward Points can be redeemed in a calender month against Flights and Hotel Booking effective 1st Jan, 2023

Next option is that you can transfer these points to smartbuy platform, but you can redeem against flights and hotels, or you will get the value of 1 point 50 paise.

But whatever will be the value of flights and hotel booking, you can pay 70% from your point, you will have to pay the remaining 30% from your card only.

Here also a similar change has come that you are a Redeem up to a maximum of 50000 reward points in a calendar month, can against hotel and flight bookings.

Reward Points Redemption, Transfer to Airmiles:
1 Reward Point = 0.5 Airmile
Partners: Club Vistara, Krisflyer, and Intermiles

Talking about the last redemption option, you can convert points into Airmiles, so here you will get a point value of 0.5 Airmile. You can earn these points with gloves starra, Singapore airlines, can convert to Krisflyer and Intermiles.

Click Here! to view Welcome benefits redemption process.

How Much Return Expect On This HDFC Regalia Credit Card?

So our assumption is that a person is the best in this scenario, Even in 3 to 4 lakhs will not spend the whole, on this card because if someone spends above this If possible, he would ideally spend on this card. Ideally there should be better premium cards than this.

How Much Maximum Return a Person Can Earn From HDFC Regalia Credit Card?

Return Rate Calculation, Monthly Spends
Reward Points
Flights (through SmartBuy) = Rs. 7000 Flights = 933 Reward Points
Hotels (through SmartBuy) = Rs. 8000 Hotels = 2133 Reward Points
Flipkart (through SmartBuy) = Rs. 5000 Flipkart = 400 Reward Points
Instant Vouchers (through SmartBuy) = Rs. 5000 Instant Vouchers = 667 Reward Points
Non SmartBuy Spends = Rs. 10000 Non SmartBuy Spends = 267 Reward Points
Total Monthly Spends = Rs. 35,000 Total Monthly Spends = 4400 Reward Points
Value Of Rewards Points when redeemed on flights and hotels = Rs. 26400 Return Rate = 26400/420000 ~ 6.3%

So with this assumption let's calculate that a, How much maximum return a person can earn from this card. So suppose a person in a month Spends 35,000rs, with this card. So to maximize the return we assume that this person works a lot and is smartbuy does through flights and hotel bookings buy and, Would also make sense through some smartbuy.

So let's break down the monthly sense. So for example one person 7000 rupees spend doing on flight and 8000 rupees Spending on hotel bookings. Apart from this he is spending around 5000 rupees, Flipkart is spending another 5000 rupees on instant vouchers, But through smartbuy platform and the remaining 10000 rupees Spending on non smart buy platform.

So this person on flights 933 Points will be available and 2133 points will be available on the hotel. 400 points on Flipkart and Instagram You will get around 667 points on the voucher.

You will get around 267 points on the rest of the non smart buys. We have assumed that this person is all smartbuy, The bike transaction is being done on different days. So that the daily cap is not getting hit.

Full 2133 points will be available in Hotel also as 21332 of the points are 33 points based reward points. So this person total around 4400 points in a month Accumulating at the expense of 35,000rs.

Means 52800 points in a year at an expense of 4,20,000 rs If this person is smartbuy these points through flights and hotel books. So first thing, don't make sense of it in one go. Will get but suppose if he spends in 2 times then He will get a return of 26,400 ie he will get around 6.3% will be returned now if we take such an example where a Man does not spend on travel and this man's total monthly spend by went to 35,000.

Out of which this cost of 10,000 Does smartbuy through Flipkart. This person spends the remaining 25,000 on non smartbuy. If tax comes, then this person will get smartbuy of 10,000. You get 800 points on thisspend through Flipkart, and from the remaining 25000 spends, he will get 667 points.

So total in a month this person earns 1467 points, Which means 17604 points in 1 year at an expense of 4,20,000 Rs. Now suppose my words of cashback to this person If it remains then its value will be 3520 Rs. Due to which the return was around 0.83 percent. Well realistically speaking with this card you can get 1.5 By extracting returns up to 2.5% Can which is quite average.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Is Good Or Bad?

How was the card and the recent changes that have come from it, Has there been a major impact on this card or not? So we do not like the card of reality.

There are some reasons for that like joining and from renewal fees, which are its welcome benefits and there are renewal benefits, they are not recovered.

Only lounge access in non win based benefits and according to us if it has dining and It would have been great if there were benefits in the menu.

Now as far as the term of this card is concerned, So you and this fee less than an Regalia card Petrol return is available in the card like HDFC Millennium, access A's card, SBI's cash back card etc.

Now if we make the region changes that HDFC, If we see its impact then major impact current Discontinue generation of points on payments only.

Rest as far as earning and redemption of reward points cab, If we talk about it, it will effect only if you are spending too much on smartbuy.

Then Now according to us because there is capping on reward redemption as well, So there should be no fee for reward redemption and this card is only for those people who have to travel in the form of, I want return and at the same time it is very much Let's spend smartbuy platform through and that One day want to upgrade to INFINIA card.

Those people can consider this card, Others should avoid this card Keeping all these things in mind, this Will rate the card 2.5 on 5 stars.


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