HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Review: Benefits, Eligibility, Reward Points, Joining and Renewal Fees - IS

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Review: Benefits, Eligibility, Reward Points, Joining and Renewal Fees

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Review?

Hello everyone, welcome to invisalignsupport website. HDFC recently launched its 1 of the most popular card, A variant of Regalia, Regalia Gold has been launched.

So today in this article we will see the features of this card and, will discuss the benefits and conclusion at the end.

Because both these cards belong to the premium category. So must read the article till the end.

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Joining and Renewal Fees?

Let's start with the joining and renewal fees of this card, So its joining and renewal fee is 2500rs plus GST, if you talk about renewal fee waiver, So if your last year's expenditure is minimum 4 lakhs or above then your annual renewal Fee 100% wave off.

Now if we talk about welcome benefit, then you One gets a gift voucher of 2500rs. But after paying the renewal fee You do not get any renewal. then your joining fee would be recovered, But the renewal fee is not recovered.

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Nonspend Benefits?

Let us now discuss the nonspend days benefits of this card, So you get the main benefit of lounge access.

12 complimentary to you at the Indian airport terminal airport lounge access get 1 year in and also to you at overseas airport Lounge access is available through priority pass.

You get priority pass through 6 complementary Lounge access is available in a year, Where to place that unlike many cards prior to you, You have to apply for the pass when you After activation, 4 transactions are done. you have prior to your and add on card holder, but you Maximum 6 complimentary lounge access will be available in a year.

One more benefit that you get Is there airport, pick and drop.

So if you through the SmartBuy platform Book flight tickets with this card. So you generate an Uber voucher can pick you up at the airport or Can avail the dropped facility. Maximum twice in a quarter Only you can avail the benefit.

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Spend Benefits?

let's discuss this Spend based benefits of the card.Let's start with the based reward rate.

So for every 150rs, 4 reward points are available on spending. And Fuel transaction, EMI, Cash withdrawal, Wallet loads, Rent payments, Any reward points on payments and Government transaction do not meet, and note one more point that you earn maximum 2000 reward points only.

Can do in theory transaction on 1 day in and on grocery transaction in a calendar month, there is a cap of 2000 reward points. talk after 20 reward points.

Let's do accelerated reward points. So you have to select some merchants, brands and platforms from this card, But 20 reward points are available for every 150rs.

At the expense of and these brands and platforms are Myntra, Reliance Digital, Marks and Spencer, and this 5x points Meet brands and platforms on a calendar month that, But the combined cab is worth 5000 reward points. After 5000 reward points you will get bigPoints are given according to the award rate.

HDFC SmartBuy Platform Reward Points?

Now accelerated through HDFC's SmartBuy platform, Talking about reward points, they are selected for you. Accelerated rewards on merchant brands or category of spends You can earn points.

So if you through hotel booking of SmartBuy platform or do hotel booking on MakeMyTrip or, If you shop from then 10x to you reward points are available i.e. every 40 reward points on spending 150rs.

Instant vouchers, flights, imagine dresser and Redbus spends, But you get 5x points i.e. every 20 reward points on spending 150rs.

You can earn 3x points on IRCTC and Flipkart spends i.e. one each 12 reward points are available for spending 150rs. These are extra reward points over and above the base reward points i.e.,Whatever extra reward points are there above the 4 reward points, You get credited in your account within 9 working days is plus extra reward points that you earn through SmartBuy.

Let's do capping on them too. Maximum 2000 in a day, You can earn activated reward points and Maximum 4000 points in a calendar month.

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Spend Milestone Benefits?

So if you are within 90 days of card issue, If you spend 1lakh rupees inside, then you One year clutvistara silver tire membership is available andOne year's black late membership is available. In club vistara silver tier membership, you get a complementary 1 class upgrade voucher is available. From this you can convert economy class ticket to premium economic ticket Can update business class.

Apart from this, you get the benefit of priority check in extra baggage, and when you travel with Vistara, you 9cv points are earned for every Rs 100 spent.

So suppose your one ticket came for 5000rs. If yes then you will get 450cv points. You can book or upgrade tickets from this cv point.

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Black Membership MMT?

Now if we talk about HDFC black membership of MMT, So you will get 10% off on some select hotel bookings, get additional discount and free room upgrades discount on Food and beverages are available at select hotels.

You will get both these memberships only for the first time. It is available only in the year.

Apart from this, some other base milestone benefits are also available. So if you do 1.5 lakhs in a calendar quarter, and spend a 1.5 lakhs, You get a gift voucher of 1500rs.

And this gift voucher you Marriott, Myntra, Marks and Spencer from Reliance Digital Can choose anyone.

Apart from this, If you spend 5 lakhs in a card anniversary year, then you will get a flight voucher of 5000rs.

If you spend 7.5 lakhs in a card anniversary year, then you get a flight voucher of 5000rs.

How To Redeem HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Reward Points?

Now let's talk about the reward points you earn, How can we redeem them? So first of all keep in mind that reward points, The validity is of 2 years.

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card Points Redemption Option?

Now let's talk, What is the redemption option you have. So if you cashback the reward points ie redeem in statement credit, you will get the value of a point is 20 paise. You can redeem only a maximum of 50,000 reward points.

Can make a calendar in cashback. If you can find these points in the product catalog or redeem against vouchers, you the value of 1 point is 35 paise. You can check its value on select products and vouchers. You can pay from 70% point only.

You will have to pay the remaining 30% from your card. You can redeem these points on the products of premium brands. Can also redeem against catalog. There you get the value of 1 point 65 paise.

Next option is that you can make these points SmartBuy platform, But can redeem against flights and hotels. In this case you will get the value of 1 reward point, But the value of flight and hotel booking, You can pay only 70% from your point, the rest 30% You will have to pay from your card only.

You can get maximum 50,000 reward in a calendar month, Points can only be redeemed against flights and hotel booking is the last redemption option that you Can convert points to Airmiles.

Here you get the value of 1 point 0.5 miles, You can earn these points by Club Vistara, Singapore airline Krisflyer convert to and intermiles.

Apart from this, many other airlines such as British Partnership with Airways, Air Canada, Etihad etc. It is from HDFC bank but it is not clear yet, What will be the redemption ratio on these airlines.

So this were this newly launch Regalia Gold Credit Card Features and benefits.

HDFC has brought some positive changes bank over Regalia in this card, Like on select merchants you get 5x reward points and along with which milestone Has introduced benefit, that too is fine.

But still according to us no one in non spend days movie benefit could have been there and talk of spend based benefits, If you do then the 5x merchants are a little better Could have been like Amazon could have been or Swiggy or could be Zomato or grocery platform like, Could have been BigBasket or Blinkit.

The minimum return rate of this card is 0.5% and it can be as high as a 0.67%. In real life, around 0.5 to 3% Can expect return of Marginally better than current Galileo.

A little more if there is improvement in returns Had it gone, this card would have been very good. Keeping all this in mind, we Would rate the card 3 on 5.


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